Drag Race UK's Vinegar Strokes apologises after slating Tayce on livestream

18 March 2021, 12:00 | Updated: 18 March 2021, 12:12

Drag Race UK’s Bimini Bon Boulash & Tayce React To Shady Comments And Iconic Moments From Season 2 | PopBuzz Meets

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"Forgot how bitter Vinegar actually was until today."

RuPaul's Drag Race UK's Vinegar Strokes has apologised to Tayce after making harsh comments about her during a livestream.

Last week, Vinegar (who was the third queen to be eliminated in Drag Race UK Season 1) featured in G-A-Y's Lockdown Afterparty event on Facebook Live alongside Drag Race UK Season 2 star Tia Kofi and Drag Race US alum Jiggly Caliente.

Naturally, the trio discussed the current finalists – Lawrence Chaney, Bimini Bon Boulash, Ellie Diamond and Tayce – but Vinegar seemed to particularly focus on Tayce, saying she was "just a bit bored of her". "We blame the edit for making someone look like a bitch, I blame the edit for making Tayce look better than she actually is," Vinegar said.

"We might see Bianca Del Rio in the same dress different colours, I'm seeing Tayce in the same jumpsuit, same colours, you know? It's the same. Same old shit."

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Drag Race UK&squot;s Tayce claps back at Vinegar Strokes&squot; "bitter" livestream comments
Drag Race UK's Tayce claps back at Vinegar Strokes' "bitter" livestream comments. Picture: BBC

Vinegar also commented on Tayce's relationship with fellow Season 2 queen A'Whora. "Why is this person – who let A'Whora suck her off and make her outfits for her – why is A'Whora not in the building and this person is? I don't get it."

Tayce then reposted the clip, and tweeted: "So sorry I let you down by showing you all my runway looks at brunch before hand. My mistake. I’ll try and bring that DRAG RACE version of me that ya looking for next time. anyway, im off to get ready for the finale.

"Forgot how bitter vinegar actually was until today! wouldn’t be so pressed if weren’t meant to be friends. however 'friends' is an overstatement now. #byehodgepodge."

Tayce's Tweets
Tayce's Tweets. Picture: @its_tayce via Twitter

A'Whora also hit back at Vinegar on Twitter: "Hi @TheOnlyVinegar, Tayce didn’t need to 'suck me off' to make any clothes, it’s called 'respect' and having your friends back, which clearly you don’t know much of now you wanna run your mouth about your sisters! for someone who’s brand is 'hodge podge' it’s not your place!"

Despite their very public spat, Tayce still instructed fans to be kind to Vinegar online. She tweeted: "No bullying please or hate towards @TheOnlyVinegar im just hella pissed."

Vinegar has now apologised for her comments and insisted she "absolutely loves watching her perform" in a statement sent to Metro.co.uk. She said: "I have messaged Tayce privately as I think this should be between us. I’m not going to feed into the Drag Race fandom fodder, but the first place I’d like to start is with an apology to Tayce, I would never with any intention go out to hurt or bully someone. Not my style and not how I’ve been raised.

"I will be 100% frank and honest, that as a viewer and fan of Drag Race, I was watching the show as a VIEWER and there were some weeks where I was underwhelmed with many of the girls including Tayce, but there were also weeks where I was also underwhelmed with both Tia Kofi and Veronica Green who are both my best friends. My opinion is based on just wanting more and for these queens to give the ultimate version of their drag, I just want more bang for my buck, whichever way that goes."

She continued: "My style of stand up comedy and chat lends itself to comedy roasting, which is a Drag Queen staple, admittedly, sometimes I get it right, sometimes I get it wrong. However I don’t want this to be any sort of excuse for hurting someone’s feelings. My apology is raw and heartfelt. I love Tayce's drag and I really am rooting for all the girls.

"This business is so small and hating on one another is just a waste of time, gets nobody anywhere in the long run, especially amongst us black girls, after 2020 being so exposing and seeing how small the industry is, the lack of support and representation is for us, black drag performers/artists are the first people I will support, lift up and champion, no matter what, regardless if they get a joke made about them, the love and support is always there PERIOD."