Who Should Win RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10?

28 June 2018, 17:59 | Updated: 28 June 2018, 18:05

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 Finalists
RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 Finalists. Picture: Getty
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Tonight RuPaul will crown the winner of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10. But who should really win the crown?

After what feels like the most dramatic season in Drag Race herstory, tonight (June 28) RuPaul will decide who will be crowned the next drag superstar of America.

Eureka, Asia O'Hara, Aquaria and Kameron Michaels will go wig-to-wig in a lip sync battle to snatch the crown and $100,000 prize money. The race has never been closer, nor move divisive, as the conversation about racism within the Drag Race fandom came boiling over in the Reunion episode after The Vixen walked out following a heated exchange between her and RuPaul about her treatment on the show in comparison to Eureka.

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As ever, Ru will be making his decision based on four main criteria: Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent. And so, the PopBuzz team got together for a kiki and attempted to decide who they think should be crowned the winner against the same criteria. Warning: if your name is Kameron Michaels, please do not read beyond this line.


"Compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others". That's the Oxford Dictionary Definition of charisma, so how did our final four square with that according to the team?

Eureka got a bit of a grilling in this category. She "undoubtedly has charisma but the question is, would you want to be around her for a long time?" was one hot take. "She’s almost like a three-year-old who feeds off attention. Is it charisma or is she just doing the most? said another. "She does not have big dick energy" came the final, ruthless putdown. No one can deny Eureka is one of the biggest personalities the show has ever had, the problem seems to be how polarising she can be.

Most agreed that Aquaria's charisma grew as the season went on but needs "another four years to cook" while the only response for poor Kameron was a "Erm, no. Sorry. Next!" The praise was left to Asia, whom it was widely agreed had the most charisma of the four by a country mile. "A lot of it is in the teeth", noted one dental-obsessed staffer. "The teeth have paid for themselves."

Winner: Asia O'Hara




In the words of Chad Michaels, ooooh bitch! This one was tricky. The queens are clearly very different to each other and bring something unique to the competition. Eureka? "Well, you can’t exactly forget her" was one back-handed compliment. While some found her drag forgettable, others argued that, "No one has embraced the body suit quite like Eureka, especially with bigger queens who tend to go with the gowns."

Aquaria's ability to turn looks has been highly praised on the show but there was a feeling that this has been overstated amongst the panel. "Is it any different from what Violet Chachki gave us?" "When I first saw her, I saw Miss Fame and Violet", "I don’t find myself remembering them until they are in front of my face", countered the naysayers. The most damning critique of all? "Even like the stuff she’s known for online, like the memes, there just memes. She’s a human retweet ." Ouch!

Kameron faired much better in this category. "I can’t remember another muscle queen on drag race?" "There’s Milk, but she was shit." Damn. Her feather look and the OAP face mask drew a lot praise too. "Why is her drag so good but her personality is, like, not?" Tea. Asia also received a lot of praise. "At first, I thought no. She looks like a typical pageant queen but the fish, the feathers, the North Korea alter-ego – wig!" "Asia has been true to herself and not being worried about fans – a lot of the other girls just spend a lot of their time being worried."

After a very long discussion about Sasha Velour’s drag which had absolutely no relevance to the actual matter at hand, we concluded that it was a tie between Kameron for her services to the muscle queen community and Eureka. Sorry about it.

Winner: Eureka & Kameron Michaels




While Kameron surviving three lip syncs does show some nerve, no one could think of any other moments from her that stuck out in the nerve category. Aquaria sending up the first lady in snatch game was praised, and calling out her own fans for racism also took nerve. Perhaps her unwavering self-belief is the biggest show of nerve though ("even if she doesn’t win, she thinks she’s the winner") but that pales in comparison to Eureka and Asia.

"Eureka has some fucking nerve. The nerve and audacity of this bitch." Yep, Eureka was always going to do well in this category and regardless of whether you find Eureka annoying or not, to come back after the knee injury was incredible to watch. In conclusion, the bitch got nerve.

But then there's Asia. What she did at the Reunion cannot be overstated. "Who else would take on RuPaul like that?" "And calming down The Vixen? That takes nerve." "Covering her face and taking on Ru? She really could have fucked her chances of winning by doing that but she did it because she believed it to be the right thing." Whether is was confronting the other queens or creating bold looks, Asia takes no fucking prisoners and can be the only real winner in this category.

Winner: Asia O'Hara



Again, another tough category as the finalists are so different, it's hard to directly compare them. Eureka's comedy chops gave her an early lead ("But it doesn’t come from a cerebral place?" one person complained. "Well that’s fine. Everyone loves an idiot. We can’t all be Sasha" LOL! ) Aquaria's dancing, look-turning and snatch game were forces to be reckoned with and the most terrifying thing is that she will only get better with age.

Kameron might be quiet but she's clearly a seasoned entertainer and her lip syncing was up there with some of the best the show has ever seen ("She’s quietly talented" noted one person, "She’s quietly everything" noted another). Asia's talents, besides sewing together several amazing outfits, were harder to pin down ("I will say Asia doesn’t having much schtick, to borrow the phrase from Michelle Visage and the Jewish community"). Eventually, a group vote was needed to settle the score.

Winner: Aquaria


So the next Drag Superstar of America Is...


Facts are facts.

Other important/outrageous comments that ought to be noted down: "Rupaul needs to go home", "Miz Cracker was the Trixie of the season", "If Monique had a budget it would be over for you hoes", "Monet is my winner just for the fake death drop" & "The Vixen is the most memorable queen of the season".

Miss Congeniality? Well, there can only be one option...