Noah Centineo Just Revealed The Reason Why He Became An Actor And It's Adorable

18 September 2018, 17:21

By Sam Prance

This is everything...

It's hard to imagine life without Noah Centineo now. Whether you fell in love with the 22-year-old star during his Disney days, on The Fosters or in his lead roles in To All the Boys I've Loved Before and Sierra Burgess Is a Loser, it's safe to say that the young actor has become a bit of an internet icon over the past few years.

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From his inspirational tweets to his adorable off screen antics, the entire world is obsessed with Noah Centineo. However, if it weren't for one life-changing incident that happened to Noah as a kid, chances are that we wouldn't have even gotten the chance to fall in love with him at all.

Noah Centineo
Noah Centineo. Picture: Sipa USA/SIPA USA/PA Images // Netflix

Speaking to Esquire recently, Noah opened up about how he got into acting and its all thanks to his sister: Taylor. When she and Noah were both kids, Taylor received a postcard asking if she wanted to be a star (the postcard was sent to thousands of children in South Florida). Taylor was interested, Noah was not.

However, Noah's parents took him along to the audition with Taylor anyway and casting agents were immediately interested in him. Noah said: "I’m like an 8-year-old and someone told me they could make me a star, and my eyes got real big." Later on Taylor ended up giving up on acting, but Noah kept at it.

So, basically, if it weren't for Taylor, we'd probably wouldn't even know who Noah was. Crazy, right?


Noah also opened up in the interview about how his mum to moved to LA with him to help support his career as an actor: "I told my parents, 'Yo. I gotta go to L.A. I can’t do this from South Florida. If I’m going to be an actor, I’ve gotta go to L.A. If you do it, I swear to God, I’ll be successful. I want to do this for the rest of my life."

Wait a minute. Noah actually predicted that he was going to be a star. He then added: "Sometimes parents can’t support that. I have the privilege of having two parents who were capable and willing to support me - emotionally and monetarily." We stan a self-aware icon.

We are forever grateful to Noah's family for helping him become the star that he is today.