Fake Noah Centineo Tweets Are Now A Meme And It's Hilarious

12 September 2018, 17:10 | Updated: 12 September 2018, 17:39

By Sam Prance

This is too funny...

If you've been anywhere near the internet recently, you will have seen that the entire world has fallen madly in love with Noah Centineo. The 22-year-old actor had already started to amass a huge fan base, thanks to his various Disney roles and a three season run as Jesus on The Fosters. It's his performances as the love interests in two hit Netflix rom-coms this summer, however, that have officially catapulted him into super-stardom.

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First, there was To All the Boys I've Loved Before in August. In it Noah plays the incredible Peter Kavinsky. Peter is essentially the perfect teen drama boyfriend. And, now, there's Sierra Burgess Is A Loser. In it Noah stars as Jamey. Jamey is a loveable jock. Taking all of this into consideration, it's no surprise that people are a bit obsessed with Noah. In fact, they have even turned his tweets into a hilarious meme.

Noah centineo
Noah centineo. Picture: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images // Netflix

Longterm fans and more recent admirers of Noah, will have noticed that he is just as romantic as his on screen characters in person. Not only is he all kinds of charming and charismatic in interviews, but his Twitter feed is also a haven of inspirational musings and swoon-worthy messages.

Here are just a few of them.



His tweets are so popular that fans are now writing their own fake Noah tweets and we can't get enough of them. The meme is simple. Just think of something inspiring or heartwarming and write it as though Noah's tweeting it.

Confused? Here are a few of the best.

Some are keeping it vague.



Others are going heavy on the emojis.


I think we ALL use emojis.

A few people are taking it to the next level with chat-up lines.


This is cheesy but if Noah sent it to us we would be into it.

Actually a lot of people are doing this.


The gag is that Noah can get away with this.

One or two fans are comparing Noah to other internet celebrities.


No comment.

And then there are those who are wondering where Noah gets his inspiration from.


Let our man be a philosopher in peace.

The meme can get pretty deep.


Think about it.

It can also get pretty rude.


The fact that a man worthy of a Wattpad novel actually exists is something worth celebrating.

The creative ones are the best.

For clarification, Noah's original tweet ended: "Dedicate to the you you are choosing to be. Dedicate to the life you want. Experience transformation".

And last but not least, Noah is the new Supernanny.


Our saviour.

Long live the internet and Noah Centineo.