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Stranger Things' Joe Keery just cut all his hair off and everyone is losing it

Maya Hawke 'To Love a Boy' music video

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Will Byers' sexuality was on of Stranger Things 3 biggest talking points

The original Stranger Things pitch says Will Byers has "sexual identity issues"

Does Millie Bobby Brown's picture with David Harbour confirm Hopper is still alive?

Fans think Millie Bobby Brown's selfie with David Harbour confirms Hopper is alive on Stranger Things

Stranger Things 4: Could Eleven become a villain?

Stranger Things 4 theory says Eleven could become the villain next season

Where to buy Stranger Things x Nike - Upside Down edition

Stranger Things x Nike 'Upside Down' shoes have tribute to Alexei hidden inside

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Here's where to buy Steve and Robin's Scoops Ahoy outfits from Stranger Things 3

Could this theory about Han Solo explain what happened to Hopper?

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Stranger Things 3: This is what the Mind Flayer looked like in real life

This is what the Mind Flayer from Stranger Things 3 looks like in real life

Steve and Robin almost had a romance in Stranger Things 3

Steve and Robin almost 'got together' in Stranger Things 3, according to Maya Hawke

Eleven stranger things quiz

QUIZ: Are you more Eleven from season 1, 2, or 3 of Stranger Things?

Hopper's cabin is actually real and you can go there

Hopper's cabin from Stranger Things has been turned into a real escape room

Stranger Things 4: How will they address actual real life Winona Ryder in 1986?

Stranger Things 4 might feature a huge Winona Ryder timeline plot hole