Latest Stranger Things News

Millie Bobby Brown says Stranger Things 4 starts filming "early this year"

Millie Bobby Brown confirms Stranger Things 4 filming starts soon

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Robin Stranger Things 3 returning for season 4

Stranger Things writers confirm Robin will be back in season 4

Stranger Things 4 episode 1 will be called The Hellfire Club

The first episode of Stranger Things 4 is titled 'The Hellfire Club'

Stranger Things season 4 new characters

Stranger Things 4 will reportedly feature four new characters

Finn Wolfhard straightened his hair and Stranger Things fans are losing it

Finn Wolfhard just straightened his hair and Stranger Things fans are loving it

Everyone is thirsting over David Harbour's arms including Lily Allen

Lily Allen confirms David Harbour dating rumours as everyone thirsts over his arms on SNL

Stranger Things' Joe Keery reacts to backlash after he cut off all his hair

Stranger Things' Joe Keery reacts to the backlash towards his new haircut

Stranger Things 4 theories time travel

The Stranger Things 4 teaser has already sparked some major theories

Is Hopper in the Upside Down?

Stranger Things ‘3 inches’ theory proves Jim Hopper is alive in the Upside Down

David Harbour is hinting at Hopper's fate on Instagram again

David Harbour drops Upside Down clues about Hopper in Stranger Things 4 on Instagram

Stranger Things 4 confirmed at Netflix

Stranger Things season 4 officially renewed at Netflix

Eleven Stranger Things clock Instagram

Stranger Things' Instagram video of a clock hints at huge season 4 drama