Here's where to buy Hopper's shirt from Stranger Things 3

12 July 2019, 13:01

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Jim Hopper's pink and green date night shirt from Stranger Things 3 is available at Hot Topic right now.

Stranger Things 3 dropped last week and fans are holding it up as one of the best outings for the series yet. We got iconic music moments, the formation of the Scoops Troop and some incredible 80s fashion that fans can actually grab IRL, like Eleven's romper and her yellow printed shirt from the final few episodes.

Hopper's pink and green (almost Hawaiian) print date shirt proved to be a fan favourite this season and now you can actually purchase it from none other than Hot Topic.

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Where to buy Hopper's date shirt from Stranger Things season 3


In Stranger Things season 3 episode 2, Hopper works up the courage to ask Joyce out on a non-date. He proposes a nice restaurant, gets all scrubbed up and dons a blazer, and stylish pink and green top.

Of course, Joyce doesn't show up because she is busy investigating magnets. For much of the remaining episodes, Hopper wears the iconic shirt, serving us major looks in the woods, on the run, and at the Fourth of July fair as well.

So! If you're like us and you thought Hopper looked truly iconic in his date shirt, here's where you can pick up a version of it for yourself.

Hopper shirt Joyce
Hopper's pink and green printed shirt is available to buy at Hot Topic. Picture: Netflix

Hot Topic is currently selling a "Stranger Things Hopper woven button up" for $39.

And, don't worry if you're not in America. Hot Topic ships to 150+ countries worldwide.

Hot Topic Stranger Things Hopper woven button down
Hot Topic Stranger Things Hopper woven button down. Picture: Hot Topic Screenshot

Now that we know where to get Eleven's romper, yellow print top, Dustin's Camp Know Where top, and Hopper's button down, you better believe we'll be cosplaying as them for Halloween.

Now, release the Scoops Troop uniform, you cowards!