21 hilarious Stranger Things 3 spoilers without context memes that are way too accurate

5 July 2019, 17:35

By Sam Prance

Stranger Things season 3 memes are getting the spoilers with no context treatment.

Stranger Things season 3 is finally here and the spoilers without context memes are, honestly, iconic.

Ever since Stranger Things season 2 came out in 2017, we've been desperate to find out exactly what happens to the residents of Hawkins next. Would The Mind Flayer continue to wreak havoc on the town? Would a brand new monster emerge from The Upside Down? Would Joyce finally get the peace she deserves? Jopper shippers assemble.

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Thankfully Stranger Things 3 answers all of those questions and more. In fact, the plot is so wild that fans have been making spoilers with no context memes to summarise it and they're all hilarious.

See the best Stranger Things 3 spoilers without context memes below.

The funniest Stranger Things 3 spoilers without context memes
The funniest Stranger Things 3 spoilers without context memes. Picture: Netflix // Fox

Spoilers without context (or spoilers with no context) memes are simple. All they require is that you sum up what happens in a series or film with a set of photos or videos that aren't actually from the series or film you're talking about. The more weird the better. Essentially they should work so that anyone who's seen the series or film will get them straight away and those who haven't will be completely confused.

Stranger Things 3 may have only come out yesterday (Jul 4) but people have already watched it all back to front (guilty) and the spoilers without context memes are breaking the internet. Some people are going for obvious imagery (rats), others are thinking a little more outside of the box (fertiliser) but they all have one thing in common: they will make you laugh. Here's just a few of the best ones so far.

1) Four very relevant images to Stranger Things 3.

Why does the Simpsons always work so well for these?

2) My Little Pony hive assemble.

If you know, you know.

3) Rats feature in a lot of these.

We see no lies.

4) A LOT of these.

And I oop.

5) We have a winner.


6) Three inches is the new 'I love you 3000'.

So pure.

7) This one is for the Lucas and Robin stans.

Intelligent legends.

8) Old lady and fertiliser appreciation post.

The stars of the season tbh.

9) This one is making us sob.

The final photo. So cruel.

10) Stranger Things as directed by Jordan Peele.

Watch this episode in daylight for your own sanity.

11) This one's for the LGBTQ+ community.

An icon is born.

12) Stranger Things really said fuck McDonalds.

Remember that number.

13) The episode specific ones are something else.

I feel a little bit sick.

14) I will never think of swimming lessons in the same way again.


15) Never going to a mall ever again.

It's not worth the risk.

16) Fridge magnets really had a moment this season.

Never underestimated the narrative power of fridge magnets.

17) This one covers a lot of bases.


18) I will hear no bad words against The Neverending Story.

A classic.

19) A video version of the meme.

This deserves an Emmy.

20) Was this the mood-board for the season?

It would make a lot of sense.

21) It all comes back to the rats though.

*mic drop*