Stranger Things fans blame Suzie for Hopper and Billy's deaths in season 3

9 July 2019, 18:04 | Updated: 9 July 2019, 18:24

By Sam Prance

Suzie making Dustin sing 'The NeverEnding Story' in Stranger Things 3 had fatal consequences.

Stranger Things 3 ended with two heartbreaking deaths (Jim Hopper and Billy Hargrove) and the internet is holding Dustin's girlfriend Suzie responsible.

Ever since Netflix released Stranger Things season 3 last Thursday (Jul 4), viewers have been talking about Suzie. In the very first episode of the season (Chapter one: Suzie, Do You Copy?), we find out that Dustin now has a girlfriend called Suzie, who he met at a summer science camp. However, we never see Suzie on screen and multiple characters doubt that she even exists.

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In the final episode, we find out that Suzie is real but now the internet is blaming her for Hopper and Billy's deaths.

Stranger Things fans are blaming Suzie for Hopper and Billy's deaths in season 3
Stranger Things fans are blaming Suzie for Hopper and Billy's deaths in season 3. Picture: Netflix // Disney

In the Stranger Things 3 season finale, Hopper and Joyce need to know what Planck's constant is so that they can access a vault to close a gate to The Upside Down and kill the Mind Flayer monster in Hawkins. Murray told them the wrong number so Dustin contacts Suzie via his transmitter to find out. However, instead of telling Dustin up front, Suzie makes him sing their favourite song together, 'Never Ending Story', before she tells him.

The entire scene is adorable (seriously Gaten Mazarro and Gabriella Pizzolo have amazing voices) but there is a dark side to it. In the time it takes for them to sing, the Russian hitman Grigori catches up with Joyce and Hopper. Then fighting him off, Hopper gets stuck in the same room as the gate to the Upside Down. Joyce has to close the gate and effectively kill Hopper to save the world. Meanwhile, the Mind Flayer monster kills Billy above ground.

In other words, if Suzie had just told Dustin the number straight away, Hopper and Billy might still be alive.

Obviously, it's technically Murray's fault that Hopper and Billy died because he assumed he knew Planck's constant and he got it wrong in the first place. Also, Suzie had no idea how urgent it was for her to give Dustin the number. Still timing is everything and it's easy to see why people are upset with her.


Do you think Suzie was to blame?