All the Stranger Things 4 characters who are most likely to die in Volume 2

24 June 2022, 20:49 | Updated: 24 June 2022, 21:03

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By Katie Louise Smith

Steve? Eddie? Max? Murray? Dmitri? I'M SCARED!

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There's only one week left until Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 drops, which means it's only one week until we find out who survives Vecna and who doesn't... A big Stranger Things finale episode is not complete without an absolutely devastating death (or two), is it?

By all accounts, the final two episodes of Stranger Things 4 are going to be chaos. While addressing the panic surrounding who might die in Volume 2, the Duffer brothers teased that fans "should be concerned going into the final two episodes — for everybody." To make matters even worse, Noah Schnapp recently told Jimmy Fallon that there were "some deaths coming," too.

However, in another interview with The Wrap, Millie Bobby Brown hinted that the season maybe doesn't kill off as many characters as she thinks it should, saying: "The Duffer brothers are sensitive Sally's who don’t want to kill anybody off. We need to have the mindset of Game of Thrones. Kill me off! They tried killing David [Harbour] off and they brought him back! It's ridiculous."

So it seems like there will be some deaths (plural), and they might be big, but there won't quite be a Game of Thrones-level body count. With all of that in mind, here's who we predict is most likely to die in Volume 2...

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Who is most likely to die in the Hawkins storyline?

Seeing as Hawkins is in the middle of Vecna's storm in season 4, it seems like our hometown heroes are the ones in the most danger. With Vecna preying on teenagers with trauma, pretty much anyone could fall victim to one of his attacks. (Fans think Lucas might even get Vecna'd at some point thanks to one particular behind-the-scenes video.)

But if someone major does end up dying in the Hawkins storyline, there are some candidates who seem more likely to end up dying than others.


Purely based on the simple facts that Max is a) still presumably cursed by Vecna, and b) goes back into the Creel House in Volume 2, she's still in a lot of danger. But after that emotional Kate Bush sequence in season 4? Max's potential death feels a little too obvious at this point. Fingers crossed she survives.


A beloved new character? Playing the guitar out in the Upside Down like that? With all those Demobats swirling around? This "no idea what I'm getting myself into but f*ck it, let's save the day!' attitude? It's worrying! It's concerning! Stranger Things also loves to kill off a fan favourite newcomer, too. They've done it with Bob, they've done it with Alexei... And we're all scared for Eddie.


Hate to say it but, all signs feel like they're pointing towards Steve dying in a huge heroic act where he saves his best friends and loses his own life. Steve's arc this season has seen him take on a more heroic role than ever before, and at this point, it feels like he wouldn't hesitate if it came down to it.

In Volume 2, Steve is probably in the most dangerous place he could possibly be as he enters Vecna's Upside Down lair with Robin and Nancy. And to paraphrase Robin's ominous warning in the Volume 2 trailer, it might not work out for him this time.

Prediction: Steve. Or Eddie, but probably Steve :(

Stranger Things 4 death predictions: Max, Eddie, Steve
Stranger Things 4 death predictions: Max, Eddie, Steve. Picture: Netflix

Who is most likely to die in the Russia storyline?

Also now dealing with creatures from the Upside Down, as well as a whole host of armed Russian prison guards, is Hopper, Joyce, Murray, Dmitri and Yuri. But who, if any of them, is most likely to not make it out of that Demogorgon pit alive?

Hopper and Joyce seem pretty much safe. Hopper already "died" in season 3, so a repeat of that wouldn't have the same impact. Joyce's arc this season needs to see her get back home to her three (!) kids. And also, they can't die because they've only just reunited and we need them to kiss, finally act on Murray's advice from season 3 and be endgame, thank you very much x

That leaves the other three: Dmitri (a.k.a. Enzo the prison guard), Yuri (a.k.a. the double-crossing smuggler) and Murray (a.k.a. one of the best damn characters in this entire show).


Dmitri became an unsuspecting ally and fan fave when we discovered he was helping Hopper escape the prison. But something about the way he spoke to Hop about his son, and how he didn't want to die a traitor, feels like he may have just spoke his own death into existence. Could Dmitri end up heroically killing the Demogorgon and then die as a monster-slaying hero? It's definitely possible...


On paper, it kind of makes sense for Yuri to end up being brutally killed by the Demogorgon seeing as he betrayed everyone, but like, someone's gotta fly the plane to get the Eagle' Nest back to the US so we kind of need him...


Murray's death would no doubt be the most shocking out of these three options, but how likely is that to happen? In the trailers, Murray can be seen with the flamethrower which means he's in the thick of the Demogorgon danger alongside Hopper. It honestly could go either way for Murray at this point... Fans are very worried.

Prediction: Dmitri.

Stranger Things 4 death predictions: Dmitri, Yuri, Murray
Stranger Things 4 death predictions: Dmitri, Yuri, Murray. Picture: Netflix

Who is most likely to die in the California storyline?

It seems unlikely that Will and/or Eleven will die in season 4 as there's still so many unanswered questions that the show needs to delve into about the Upside Down. As the two characters who have the strongest connection to the Upside Down and the Mind Flayer, their storylines may end up spilling over to season 5. But they could still both end up in serious danger at the end of Volume 2.

For now, it also feels like Mike, Jonathan and Argyle are safe from death – we hope. That said, there's two characters from this storyline that could still bite the dust before the final credits roll on season 4.

Dr. Owens: We already know that the NINA Project bunker is going to get infiltrated by the Government and then blown up at some point in Volume 2. And it kind of feels like if anyone was gonna die at this point, it'll probably be Owens. Owens has looked after and kept El safe over the past few years, he managed to persuade her to take part in the NINA project, and now he's kind of done all he needed to do... And something tells us Lt. Colonel Sullivan is NOT going to react kindly to Owens seeing as he lied to him about Eleven's whereabouts.

Dr. Brenner: The eventual death of Brenner (for real this time) would no doubt have a profound impact on Eleven, and would also allow her to move forward with her life and away from the horrors of the Hawkins lab. But whether or not that happens in season 4 remains to be seen.

Prediction: Dr. Owens.

stranger Things 4 death predictions: Dr. Owens, Dr. Brenner
stranger Things 4 death predictions: Dr. Owens, Dr. Brenner. Picture: Netflix

So, do you agree with the predictions? Do you have any other theories about who you think is going to die in Stranger Things 4 Volume 2?

Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 drops on Friday July 1st. Better start manifesting survival for all your faves!

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