All the behind the scenes photos from Stranger Things 3

15 July 2019, 15:52 | Updated: 15 July 2019, 16:30

By Rachel Finn

The Stranger Things cast and crew have been posting some cute photos from the set of the new series.

Stranger Things 3 is finally out - and everyone is now an emotional wreck. In the new series, the world of Hawkins gets even bigger. There's new characters, new threats, new monsters, new iconic duos... It's big, it's exciting and it's VERY SAD.

But if you’re anything like us, simply watching the show and then checking out of the show isn’t an option. Luckily though, it’s possible to dive in even deeper thanks to the cast and crew, who are now posting behind the scenes photos and videos from the set to celebrate its release. (The cast filmed the season in 2018 and have been keeping everything top secret since production wrapped in November, by the way.)

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If you haven’t seen season 3 and want to keep every location and character outfit a secret until you see it on screen for real, it might be best to look away now.

Otherwise, see below for some of the best behind-the-scenes photos from Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Noah Schnapp, Joe Keery, David Harbour, executive producer Shawn Levy and even more.

Stranger Things Behind The Scenes
Stranger Things Behind The Scenes. Picture: Instagram: @milliebobbybrown / Instagram: @gatenm123

10 points if you can spot Sadie and Millie because we can't... 👀

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who are those frozen women??

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10/10, would eat.


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The troop❤️

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Here's a video of Mike slapping Dustin round the face. You're welcome.


I mean, I would definitely watch that series...

Erica Sinclair. Priah Ferguson. Both legends.

Give Max and El their own spin-off.

Why are they so cute?!

"We were always very professional."

Guess you don't need to work hard but play harder if you're in Stranger Things, then...

If you ask us, Erica is the only one allowed to climb through the vent...

Ohhh, so that's how they film those scenes...

Who knew they could act AND dance?

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Ketchup and Mustard—the video #strangerthings

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Don't mind me, just crying over this message David Harbour wrote about Winona Ryder. #Jopper4Ever

He's fooled us... 🤔

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Who is that frozen man??

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Maya Hawke rehearsing Robin's lines = ART.

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Summer style inspiration?

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Too many photos to post so we’ll just start here.

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No, THIS is my summer style inspiration...

... It's a draw?

David Harbour calendar? Take my money.

I mean... what a shirt.

That hat tho...

The Material Girls Max and El are serving!


Joe Keery + Makeup Trailer = my new phone background.

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Joe and his 👀💇🏻‍♂️

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Priya Ferguson. A legend at work.


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Legend. #Winona #StrangerThings

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