'Stranger Things' Are Looking For Extras To Appear In Season 3 But There's ONE Condition

5 September 2018, 15:12

Stranger Things Extras
Picture: Netflix

By Katie Louise Smith

Pack your bags, we're going to Hawkins.

If you've ever wanted to hangout in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana alongside it's most famous residents, now is your chance. A ton of open casting calls are happening for Stranger Things 3, which is currently being filmed in Atlanta, and you could actually be in it.

While production is already underway on the third season of the show, there still appears to be quite a lot opportunities to get in on the action as an extra. In fact, they're looking for people right now to appear in what sounds like a huge scene that'll be shooting in October.

But there's one vital skill that you need to be able to have... you need to play an instrument.


The casting directors are looking to cast "males & females who have had or currently are experienced in participating in a marching band." A marching band, you say? "You will actually play 2 songs with us (so you must know how to play your instrument). Musicians can be of any ethnicity, must be between the ages of 18 and 30, and must be available for filming near the end of October."

While it's still unclear what the marching band is for, the casting call also goes on to say that the shoot will take place overnight which means we could either have a Hawkins Pep Rally on our hands or, judging by the older casting ages for the band - and the fact that season three will take place over the summer - it could be a parade of sorts.


The marching band isn't the only thing they're casting either - production is also seeking adults to play extras in various roles, including men of all ethnicities aged 18 and up who are comfortable in a towel or swimsuit (outdoor pool scene, anyone?)

There's also casting opportunities for photo doubles (so if you fit the required likenesses of the roles, get in touch!) and general background extras. Oh, and if you or your parents have a vintage car, there's a background role for you too.

Grab your trumpets, kids... we'll see you in Hawkins.