10 of Erica Sinclair's most savage one-liners in Stranger Things season 3

5 July 2019, 15:58

Emma Clarke

By Emma Clarke

Lucas' little sister Erica has more sass than you can shake a stick at. Here are some of her best takedowns of season three.

The third season of Stranger Things may have dropped on Netflix yesterday (July 4), but fans across the world have already devoured the latest series.

And it seems as though most viewers are in agreement; Erica Sinclair, played by Priah Ferguson, is the Sass Queen - and one of the best parts of season 3.

We first met Lucas' little sister back in season 2, when she savagely ripped into her big brother and his "nerdy" friends - who were dressed as the Ghostbusters for Halloween.

Despite the fact she was a secondary character in the last series, Erica has now officially joined the gang, as she helps Dustin, Steve and Robin on their quest to crack the plan of the "evil Russians".

Not only does she demand free samples of ice cream, she negotiates a pretty sweet deal for herself in return for her services - and isn't afraid to speak her mind, despite being just ten years old.

So, without further ado, here are our favourite one-liners from Erica...

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1) When Erica represented all the little sisters out there

Anyone who has a sibling will know that bickering is part of the package. You grate on each other and the best form of entertainment is to throw insults and pull pranks. So Erica and Lucas' relationship is so relatable.

2) Well, she's not wrong...

When asked if she loved her country, Erica gave the best answer.

3) When Erica summed up capitalism better than Karl Marx

I mean, she is an actual genius. I've had lessons on capitalism at school and no one explained it better than this kid from Stranger Things.

4) What's in it for me?

Erica Sinclair does nothing for free, bitch!

Erica from Stranger Things does nothing for free
Erica from Stranger Things does nothing for free. Picture: Netflix

5) Erica's demands for helping out Steve, Dustin and Robin is a vibe

Unlike most children her age, Erica stands her ground and isn't about to be mugged off by the older kids. You go girl!

6) Is this the best insult of all-time? Yes, yes it is.

Erica put Murray in his place like no other.

7) When she called Dustin, Steve and Robin out for being nerds

While we love how geeky the characters in Stranger Things are, we're also howling every time Erica shuts them down for it.

Erica form Stranger Things is a whole mood
Erica form Stranger Things is a whole mood. Picture: Netflix

8) When Captain Obvious asks if there are any booby traps

Naturally, Erica has the best comeback when she's asked if there are any booby traps in the lair of the "evil Russians".

Erica's sassy response to being asked about booby traps is the best
Erica's sassy response to being asked about booby traps is the best. Picture: Netflix

9) When Erica demands everyone gets their shit together

Come on guysss!

Erica Sinclair is the ultimate team leader
Erica Sinclair is the ultimate team leader. Picture: Netflix

10) Do you honestly think Erica would be scared of anything?

Of course not.

Biiitch, Erica doesn't have phobias
Biiitch, Erica doesn't have phobias. Picture: Netflix