Finn Wolfhard Stars As A Young Danny Sexbang In New Ninja Sex Party Music Video

26 June 2018, 13:11

Finn Wolfhard
Picture: Ninja Sex Party
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Finn and Danny actually share a strong resemblance in the video for "Danny Don't You Know".

Finn Wolfhard is undeniably busy these days. With Stranger Things 3 in production and his band working on new music, it's definitely an understatement to say that Finn is in high demand.

If you still can't get enough of Finn's work, you're going to love him as a young Danny Sexbang in Ninja Sex Party's "Danny Don't You Know" video.


Finn plays the 1994 version of NSP's frontman in a musical open letter to his younger self. Danny Sexbang reassures his younger, nerdier counterpart that the awkward phase he's currently experiencing won't last forever (although it did apparently last from "12 to 29").

"Danny don't you know, you're hard as fuck on the inside," Danny Sexbang passionately croons in the chorus.

The visual of Finn being encouraged by the older version of himself is actually a pretty sweet once you get past all the spandex.

via Ninja Sex Party

Finn's character goes from being bullied in a classroom to rocking out on stage with his older self and it's all very inspiring, if we're being honest.

Check out the music video for Ninja Sex Party's "Danny Don't You Know" below.