Finn Wolfhard Just Had To Ask "Fans" To Stop Harassing His Co-Stars And It's So Sad

9 November 2017, 14:01

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Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

"Ya'll know who you are."

Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard is issuing a lighthearted but firm warning to fans urging them to "think before ya type" and stop harassing his co-stars.

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Rich Fury/Getty Images for THR

Finn became the subject of intense debate this week after a video of him "ignoring" fans outside his hotel was posted on Twitter with a caption calling him "rude" and "heartless". Fans were swift to defend the 14-year-old star, pointing out that he is only human and occasionally needs a break. 

Finn took to Twitter to send a message to anyone harassing members of the Stranger Things cast. 

Finn didn't specify what exactly led to the tweets, but it's clear that he and the cast have been dealing with some potentially upsetting fan interactions lately. 

Noah Schnapp and Shannon Purser came to Finn's defense earlier this week after the hotel video of Finn was posted to Twitter. The co-stars stood up for each other, reminding fans that there are boundaries and circumstances to consider when approaching actors. 

Loyal fans of the young star are reassuring him after the tweets.

Finn calling out inappropriate behaviour in this way is important. We're all obsessed with Stranger Things but it's clear that the way a few fans have been talking about, approaching, and pressuring the kids needs to change.

The fact that a kid had to say all this is sad, but hopefully the fans Finn is referring to have received the message loud and clear.