21 Times Finn Wolfhard Was The Reason You Managed To Survive 2017

27 December 2017, 17:21 | Updated: 27 December 2017, 17:29

Finn Wolfhard 2017
Picture: NBC/Warner Bros.

By Katie Louise Smith

A legend.

2017 saw a bunch of your favourite TV stars become international legends. One of those people was Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard. Finn had an absolutely killer year, this year. He starred in the highest grossing horror movie of all time, then went on to smash the second season of his TV show AND he started his own band.

Finn was also voted 'Hero of the Year' in the PopBuzz Fan Awards so we thought we'd compile a list of the most iconic moments Finn gave us in 2017. A legend. Truly.

1) When he started one of the biggest Twitter beefs of 2017 and ended beauty Youtuber James Charles for tweeting in the cinema while watching - and criticising - IT.

2) When he pretended to be a middle aged business man who just discovered vlogging.

3) When he performed as part of a Motown quintet with his cast mates on James Corden and NAILED his choreography.

4) When he started his own band and his on-screen sister Natalia Dyer filmed him shredding on stage.

this lil monster shredding at the @macdemarco show last night ⚡️👹⚡️

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5) When he didn't know what a bidet was.

6) When he revealed that Troy Bolton was the reason he started playing basketball.

7) And then when he did THIS iconic impression of 'Bet On It' from High School Musical 2.

8) When he revealed what he said to Millie before their kiss in Stranger Things 2.


9) And when they showed his adorable audition tape for the show.


10) When he described what it felt like to meet Barack Obama.

11) When he did an impression of Meryl Streep and Emma Stone and immediately became a meme.


12) In fact, literally every time he even breathed, he became a meme.

Finn Wolfhard Memes
Picture: Tumblr

13) When he posed for this picture with Buzzfeed News at ComicCon in July.

Touch my heart with your feet.

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14) When he took part in the Stranger Things Dance Battle and served an iconic 'Toastin' Waffles' routine.


15) When he shared his iconic Goodnight Thoughts with us.

16) This entire scene in Stranger Things 2, to be honest.


17) When he invented the suit and turtle neck combo at the premiere of Stranger Things 2.

Finn Wolfhard Stranger Things 2 Premiere
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18) Actually, scratch that.... When he invented red carpets in general alongside the boiz.

Stranger Things
Picture: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

19) When him and Millie posed for their highly anticipated Snow Ball official pictures.

20) When he posed for this picture with Joe Keery and some dogs.


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21) And finally, when he uttered these ICONIC lines as the legendary Richie Tozier in IT.