Joe Keery Will SHAVE His Entire Head If David Harbour Wins The Golden Globe

13 December 2017, 13:52 | Updated: 13 December 2017, 14:01

Joe Keery David Harbout
Picture: Getty Images / Netflix

By Katie Louise Smith

Wigs will fly. Literally.

In case you weren't aware, David Harbour aka TV's finest dad (or daddy, if you're into that) Chief Hopper was nominated for a Golden Globe earlier this week for his work on Stranger Things.

Following the nomination, David took to Instagram to thank his fans and supporters of the show while wearing the tiniest Christmas sweater. It was quite a look.

Congratulatory comments started flooding in, his cast mates sent their well wishes on Twitter and Instagram but there was one comment that really stood out amongst them all... for all the WRONG reasons.

Joe Keery (yes, ya boi Steve Harrington) has pledged to let the Duffer brothers shave his ENTIRE head if David wins the Globe.


David Harbour, Joe Keery, Instagram
Picture: @dkharbour / Instagram

And now we find ourselves in a catch 22 because while we reaaaaaaally want David to walk out of there with his own much deserved Golden Globe, we also do not EVER want Joe to ever get rid of that impeccable head of hair.

On some level, Steve with a new shorter do in Stranger Things 3 would be interesting, wouldn't it? What if he decides to switch up his look? What if Steve shaves his head in despair because that Farrah Fawcett hairspray gets discontinued and later ends up having an identity crisis? What if Dustin decides to follow suit and shaves his head in solidarity with Steve's new look?


Ok, we've decided. Steve's natural hair is WAY more important than one of the highest accolades in Hollywood. David will live. The rest of the fandom will not.

Then again, it might not even come to that. David is up against some pretty great actors in his category and he might not even win. You've got Alfred Molina for FEUD, David Thewlis for Fargo, Christian Slater for Mr Robot and Alexander Skarsgard for Big Little Lies who will probably take home the Globe.

Hair jokes aside, we stan David Harbour and hope he gets to take home the prize to Eleven before 5:15pm. And to the Duffer brothers: DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT TOUCHING THAT HAIR.