People Think Mike Will Be Killed Off On "Stranger Things" For This One Reason

19 December 2017, 13:17

Finn Wolfhard dance
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika


Another day, another Stranger Things theory.

Fans have high hopes for the newly confirmed third season of the Netflix show. However, a worrying new theory about the fate of one of the show's beloved characters does have some viewers rattled. 

Digital Spy is suggesting that we may lose Mike in the show's third season because of...a busy work schedule? 

via Netflix/Stranger Things

While we aren't whipping out our tissues just yet, the theory could hold water. Finn Wolfhard is exceptionally busy. 

With a new record contract inked for his band, an 'IT' sequel in the works, and another thriller in pre-production, Finn will certainly have to do some juggling to accommodate Stranger Things 3. 

This could create the conditions for a scaled-back role or a convenient storyline that takes Mike out of Hawkins. 

We're already braced for a 2018 without the hit sci-fi thriller, as it's been all but confirmed that the show likely won't return until 2019. This might actually be a pre-emptive move to accommodate some of the kids' busy schedules. 

Millie Bobby Brown is also set to hit the big screen in the upcoming Godzilla: King of the Monsters film, so it seems that everyone has a busy 2018 ahead. 

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While it's always a possibility that we may have to bid Mike an early farewell, we're going to hold out hope that Finn will be joining the rest of the cast for all of the show's remaining seasons. 

The Duffer brothers have created such strong bonds among the kids, we can't imagine Mike not being a huge part of the Hawkins gang.