Millie Bobby Brown Just Shut Down A Fan Who Tried To Shame Her "Revealing" Outfit

30 August 2018, 20:30

By Katie Louise Smith

Millie shut down the Instagram user in one single comment after they commented on her "short skirt".

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown has just shut down a fan on Instagram who shamed her for wearing a "short skirt".

As you may or may not know, Millie has had a long and tiring history of people commenting on her physical appearance and fashion choices. The 14-year-old is constantly over sexualised on social media and is often shamed for wearing things that are deemed "too grown up" for her - or not "sexy" enough, in some cases.

It doesn't look like any of that is going to end soon either because after posting a few pictures from her recent vacay on Instagram, the FBP (that's the Fashion and Body Police, to you) are back at it again. And this time, they really really triggered over the length of her denim skirt.

Millie Bobby Brown Instagram
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Millie is currently on vacation in Georgia, not that far from where Stranger Things is filmed. She spent the day documenting her boat trip, posing with her friends and posing for some solo pics that she later uploaded to Instagram. They are lovely pics! The hard-working Queen looks happy! A teenager soaking up some vitamin D instead of staying inside all day?! UNHEARD OF!

But one person in particular felt the need to shame her for what she was wearing - a swimsuit and a skirt. In fact, quite a few people in the comments section felt the need to unnecessarily comment on her body and her choice of outfit - so much so that she decided to clap back.

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After one of the commenters wrote: "Sis u have change. I thought u were gonna be different not like all those girls with "short shorts and short skirts". Bring back old Millie 💀", Millie responded directly, letting everyone know how she felt about the constant scrutiny over her outfits.

She wrote: "I'm pretty sure ur either a teenager or have been a teenager so you've been thru this roller coaster of changes and different styles, appreciate it girly but I'm good ❤️"

Millie Bobby Brown Instagram Comment
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First of all, she is on holiday. On a boat. In the sun. What do you want her to wear? Tights and a turtleneck? Second of all, passing comment and judgement on the body of a fourteen year old is disgusting, she should be able to do everything we all did as teenagers without being shamed. Third of all, Millie can wear whatever the hell she wants! Bye.