Millie Bobby Brown Just Had To Delete A Picture Of Finn Wolfhard Because Of Shipping

18 December 2017, 11:39 | Updated: 21 February 2018, 14:57

Millie Bobby Brown Finn Wolfhard
Picture: Instagram

By Katie Louise Smith

"There's basically something going round. I just wanna clear a few things up."

Millie Bobby Brown has been forced to delete an Instagram picture of herself and Finn Wolfhard at the premiere of Stranger Things 2... all because of a bunch of persistent fans who keep shipping them together online.

Millie Bobby Brown Deleted Instagram Picture
Picture: @surefinn/@milliebobbybrown/Instagram

Once fans noticed, they started spamming her comment section with messages wondering why she had deleted it. After countless messages, Millie found herself having to explain why in a one and a half minute video on Instagram live.

In the video she says: "There's basically something going round. I just wanna clear a few things up. So... I recently deleted a post on Instagram that was a picture of me and Finn and it was a post of us at the premiere and I said, obviously, that he was a great co-star. I might have worded it wrong but I deleted it because I thought that you guys took it the wrong way and I didn't want you guys to take it the wrong way because we are just really good friends and that's all we'll ever be."

"And I want you guys to remember that Mileven is real. Mike, Eleven... ship it 'til the end you guys. It's happening. But Finn and I are just friends."

We mean, it’s actually awful that Millie had to go live on Instagram, looking incredible stressed about the whole situation btw, to explain how a friendship works to her 10.4m grown ass followers. And it's even worse that she's now starting to censor herself and her words on her own platform because of the constant commentary from people online.

Fans immediately flocked to support her on Twitter:

It really does suck that Millie has to go to those lengths to tell people that her and Finn are just friends. Fans have also pointed out that while Finn was usually the one who is uncomfortable with the shipping aspects of online fan accounts, it now seems like it's starting to affect the other kids in the show... and it has to stop.

Constant shipping can wear people out and it's not the first time this has happened. You only need to look at One Direction to see how shipping damaged aspects of their friendships. Zayn even said in an interview that "it's not funny, and it still continues to be quite hard for them." (Them being Harry and Louis, the two halves of the fictional Larry Stylinson ship.)

As Millie said, continue to ship the two FICTIONAL characters 'til the cows come home but hardcore shipping two real life actors who are a) young teenagers and b) literally just friends (they've said it countless times and they shouldn't have to keep explaining themselves) is inappropriate, damaging and just really fucking annoying.