Dustin and Suzie's NeverEnding Story scene in Stranger Things 3 was almost to a different song

16 July 2019, 14:12

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Dustin and Suzie singing NeverEnding Story on Stranger Things was a fan favourite moment but it almost happened completely differently.

Stranger Things 3 came through with plenty of memorable moments. I think we're ALL still recovering from Eleven reading Hopper's emotional speech, but we've been finding solace in rewatching Dustin and Suzie's incredible performance of "NeverEnding Story" by Limahl. But, as it turns out, the iconic song was almost a completely different tune altogether.

Stranger Things Neverending Story
Stranger Things Neverending Story. Picture: Netflix/Screenshot

In Stranger Things season 3 episode 8, the group need to remember an equation called Planck's constant. Dustin can't quite recall the sequence, so he calls up his camp girlfriend, Suzie. Unfortunately, things are so straightforward from there. Suzie refuses to reveal the equation unless she and Dusty buns perform Limahl's "NeverEnding Story".

What follows is an epic duet between the couple (which may or may not have contributed to the death of Hopper). Everything about the performance was perfect – including the song choice. But the Duffer Brothers recently revealed that Dustin and Suzie almost sang something completely different.

“We went through all the various songs they could sing,” Matt Duffer explained to Entertainment Weekly.

"At one point they were going to sing the Ent song from Lord of the Rings. Then we were like, 'Oh, well, Amazon is making Lord of the Rings, that's probably not going to go over well with Netflix.' Then we came up, I think it was Curtis, our writer, who came up with I think a better idea, which was 'The NeverEnding Story' theme song."

Honestly, we're glad The Duffers and Stranger Things writers landed on "NeverEnding Story". It provided some much needed levity leading up to one of the tenser moments of the season.

That song choice, plus all the other great tunes from season 3, had us absolutely hooked from jump.

What do you guys think? What was your favourite Stranger Things 3 moment?