Joey King cries over Emmy nomination for playing Gyspy Rose Blanchard in The Act

17 July 2019, 11:38 | Updated: 17 July 2019, 11:45

By Sam Prance

Joey King is nominated for the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series award.

It's official. Joey King has earned her first ever Emmy nomination for her performance as Gypsy Rose Blanchard in The Act.

As soon as The Act debuted on Hulu this March, Joey King received widespread praise and critical acclaim for her incredible acting. The drama tells the true story of Gypsy Rose Blanchard (Joey King) and her mum Dee Dee (Patricia Arquette). Gypsy became the subject of national news attention in June 2015 when it was reported that she had been involved in the murder of Dee Dee, who had abused her and forced her to pretend to suffer from multiple severe diseases throughout her life.

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Now, Joey has been nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series at the 2019 Emmys and her reaction is everything.

Joey King cries over Emmy nomination for playing Gypsy Rose Blanchard in The Act
Joey King cries over Emmy nomination for playing Gypsy Rose Blanchard in The Act. Picture: Hulu // Twitter: @JoeyKing

Taking to Twitter yesterday (Jul 16), Joey tweeted: "I cannot believe this is happening. I’ve just been Nominated for an Emmy for my work in The Act."

She then gave Patricia a shout out: "There’s so many people to thank for this moment and getting to talk to my mom and Patricia immediately after it was announced was so special. I’m in shock."

Joey shared the tweet alongside a moving video of her crying after finding out the news. In the video, Joey burst into tears as soon as her name is announced. She then FaceTimes her mum and says to her: "Mum, can you believe it?"

She then calls Patricia, who was nominated in the same category as Joey for her performance in Escape At Dannemora, and says: "I'm so excited that we're nominated together." Patricia then replies: "I know, we're gonna have fun...I'm so happy for you. You're so amazing."

Arquette was also nominated for her role as Dee Dee Blanchard in the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series category.

Speaking to Variety about the nomination, Joey said: “I’ve been crying for the past 20 minutes. I can’t even believe it. I’m in South Africa right now, so it’s 6 p.m here. I’m on set watching it on my WiFi hotspot with my phone. I didn’t think this would be the place I’d find out or that I’d ever be nominated. I think Gypsy’s story resonated with people around the world. She defied the odds and she’s still alive to tell her story."

Joey is currently filming The Kissing Booth 2 for Netflix, by the way.

As it stands, Hulu are yet to announced a second season of The Act but if there is one, it will likely focus on a completely different true-crime story to Gypsy Rose's. In spite of the positive reception, The Act did receive some backlash after the real Gypsy Rose revealed that she had no involvement in the series and intended to pursue legal action against the show's creators.

Gypsy Rose did praise Joey King though and was reportedly "very excited about Joey portraying her."

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