Joey King explains why she deleted her tweet calling out Jacob Elordi

12 August 2020, 12:23

By Katie Louise Smith

Joey previously called out Jacob's claim that he hadn't watched The Kissing Booth 2 and then later removed her tweet.

Last week, The Kissing Booth 2's Joey King called out co-star Jacob Elordi in a tweet, after he said that he hasn't yet watched their new movie. And now, after the fandom went absolutely wild over her comment, she's setting the record straight about why she deleted it.

If you missed the unfolding of this whole saga, here's what happened: In an interview with Variety, Jacob said he hasn't watched Kissing Booth 2. Joey then jokingly tweeted out that he was "capping" (lying) and that he had watched it.

Joey then deleted the tweet shortly after posting, leading many fans to believe that she removed it because of Jacob. However, that wasn't the case as she explained to host Howard Stern.

It turns out that she had "permission" from Jacob to tweet it, and removed it after two accounts called her out for the wording she used.

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Joey King explains why she deleted her tweet calling out Jacob Elordi
Joey King explains why she deleted her tweet calling out Jacob Elordi. Picture: Joey King via Instagram, PA Images

Speaking to Stern, who asked about her response to Jacob's comment, Joey said: “I said, 'Jacob watched it. He's capping.' Which, 'capping' means lying. I heard the term 'capping' on like TikTok and Twitter and Instagram, through friends, and I was like 'I guess this is the new thing.'"

The phrase "capping", which originated amongst hip-hop artists, is derived from the term "no cap" which means "no lie" or "for real". Joey explained that she deleted the tweet after a couple of users called her out for using it.

"Apparently it's not," she continued. "It’s something I should not have used as a white person. I took it down… two accounts on Twitter called me out for it, that’s why I deleted it. People thought it was because I was like, 'Oh no I shouldn’t have said that about him,' so I deleted it because of that."

She went on to reassure fans that there's no beef between her and Jacob either, and it was just some friendly banter between the two: "The tweet was a jovial thing. It wasn't to be mean – it really wasn’t. I know the The Kissing Booth fans they are always so curious about that tension of sorts and so I was like I’m just going to, I know they will appreciate it and that’s who it was for."

"I did get his permission to tweet it so that was fine," Joey added. "He had a good sense of humour about that tweet, for sure."

The end. Bye.