Pedro Pascal's comments about Bella Ramsey leave The Last of Us fans in tears

8 March 2023, 15:05

Bella Ramsey opens up about Joel and Ellie’s fight scene

By Katie Louise Smith

"Bella Ramsey plays Ellie. I call her 'Bellie'. And she's my blessing."

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One thing we can all agree on? The Last of Us struck pure gold when they cast Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey as Joel and Ellie.

The dynamic of Joel and Ellie in the games is incredibly close to fans' hearts, and before the HBO series had cast the two lead actors, fans were worried that it might not live up to the dynamic between the original game actors, Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson.

When Pedro and Bella were cast, there were some doubters that were more concerned about the fact that they didn't look exactly like the game versions of the characters, rather than their actual acting skills.

Over the course of the first season, Pedro and Bella have without a doubt proved all those critics wrong, and have crafted one of the most beautiful on-screen father/daughter dynamics.

In real life, their friendship seems to be just as beautiful. Thanks to a new featurette released by HBO Max, fans are now sobbing over the way Pedro describes his relationship with Bella, and the nicknames they have for each other.

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey reveal their nicknames for each other
Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey reveal their nicknames for each other. Picture: Michael Buckner/Variety via Getty Images, HBO Max via Twitter

In the short featurette shared by HBO Max on social media, Pedro speaks about his friendship with Bella and their working relationship as co-stars.

"Bella Ramsey plays Ellie. I call her 'Bellie,'" Pedro starts as he shares his nickname for Bella. "And she's my blessing."

"Our relationship has definitely developed as Joel and Ellie's relationship has," Bella then adds, before Pedro continues: "It was just a match made in heaven. And I love her."

"We're good buddies," Bella says at the end as a clip of Joel hugging Ellie and walking her away from the burning building plays on in the background.

Fans couldn't cope with how adorable their friendship is in the clip. One fan commented: "THAT’S MY FATHER/DAUGHTER DUO RIGHT THERE!!!!!!!!!" Another added: "'She’s my blessing' I’m crying omg"

Responding to the clip on Twitter, Bella also quote tweeted the video and shared an absolutely adorable response, revealing her nickname for Pedro.

"HOW I MISS YOU I really really miss you. My Pedge," Bella wrote.

Bellie and Pedge! Screaming, crying, throwing up, tbh!

Earlier this week, Bella and Pedro's performances in The Last of Us episode 8 garnered massively positive reviews from fans of the series.

After portraying Ellie's traumatising encounter with David, and Joel's interrogation and iconic "baby girl" moment from the games, viewers called for the pair of them to win Emmys for their respective performances.

Others also took the opportunity to reiterate that Bella and Pedro had been perfectly casted as Ellie and Joel, despite some backlash from game fans ahead of the release of the HBO series.

Pedro and Bella? Pedge and Bellie? They are the perfect Joel and Ellie!

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