Grizz and Sam's relationship on The Society already has fans feeling emotional

13 May 2019, 17:41

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Grizz and Sam on The Society are charming fans of the new teen drama.

Netflix's latest drama, The Society, is an intense mystery that sees a group of teens try to re-build their town after they are transported to an alternate version of it. Leaders, rebels, and threats emerge pretty quickly, as the town of West Ham faces its first deaths and the uncertainly of growing plots against its new leadership. The characters prove themselves useful (or infuriating) in different ways, but the internet's clear favourite character from The Society is Grizz.

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Grizz (played by Jack Mulhern) is an integral part of the teens' survival on The Society. Not only is he a member of The Guard, he also has strong survival and wilderness skills, which his peers recognise him as useful.

Grizz also distinguishes himself from the other members of the football team who are prone to brutishness and violence.

The Society fans are already obsessed with Grizz and will do just about anything to protect him.

His relationship with Sam is also melting fans' hearts.

Over the course of season 1, Grizz and Sam become close, slowly building a rapport sparked by a conversation at prom. Grizz takes the initiative to learn sign language so that he can speak to Sam and fans love how wholesome and tender their relationship has been so far.

Of course, they hit a snag when Becca's baby news is revealed, but it's clear that Sam and Grizz are meant to go the distance.

Being that Grizz is often the voice of reason, returning home to a coup in episode 10 is clearly a shock for the character.

Netflix Grizz season 1
Netflix Grizz season 1. Picture: Netflix/The Society/Screenshot

If The Society is renewed for season 2, Grizz could definitely be instrumental in forming a coalition of support for Allie. Hopefully with Sam by his side.

What do you think will happen between Sam and Grizz in season 2?