The Society has been renewed for season 2 by Netflix

9 July 2019, 16:04

By Sam Prance

Kathryn Newton and the rest of The Society cast will be back in New Ham next year.

The Society season 2 is coming. Netflix has officially ordered a second season of the teen drama.

Ever since Netflix released The Society in May, we've been desperate to see more of it. Not only does it have a killer premise (a group of teenagers find themselves stuck in an alternate version of their town, without any parents, after they return home from a school trip) but the cast and script are brilliant. On top of that, it ended with one of the biggest plot twists of 2019.

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Thankfully, we don't have to wait long to find out what happens next. Season 2 will drop in 2020.

The Society season 2: Netflix renewed the teen drama
The Society season 2: Netflix renews the teen drama. Picture: Netflix

Today (July 9), Netflix's See What's Next Twitter account tweeted: "#TheSociety has been renewed for Season 2! Coming in 2020" alongside a video of the cast, led by Kathryn Newton (Allie), teasing the series. In it they say: "We have some big news. Really big. Like bigger than the time Gordie figured out we were in a parrallel universe. Are you ready? We're making season 2 of The Society." Our prayers have finally been answered.

If that weren't enough the cast also tease what sort of plot points we can expect to be covered in the new season: "Do you know what this means? More pie? More fugitives! More memes. And more answers. About Charlie. And Becca's baby daddy. And Grizz's hair. It's full of secrets. We love you guys so much and can't wait for you guys to see what happens next. It will be worth the wait."

God bless Grizz's hair. Here's hoping that season 2 will see Allie and Will escape prison and stop Campbell and Harry taking over the town. It's also unclear if all of the students will stay in New Ham or move to the new land which Grizz and the other explorers found at the end of season 1. The main question season 1 left us with though is: are the teenagers all dead?

The final shot of the series switched to the actual West Ham and showed a memorial board paying tribute to all of the teens in New Ham. Is the whole series based in some sort of afterlife? Are the parents involved in a government experiment? Did anyone actually die? We need to know. All we do know is that Dewey almost definitely didn't kill Cassandra.

As it stands it's unclear which month The Society season 2 will drop but we shall update you as soon as we know.

Are you excited for The Society season 2?