The Summer I Turned Pretty cast reveal what they want to happen in season 2

19 July 2022, 16:57

By Sam Prance

Will The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2 stay true to the books? The cast tease that it will "shatter" the fairytale ending.

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The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2 is officially in the works but what do the main cast want to happen to their characters?

The Summer I Turned Pretty ends with some pretty major plot points. Jeremiah finds out that his mum has cancer, Susannah decides to fight it and get treatment and on top of that, Belly and Conrad finally confess their love for each other and kiss. However, with a lot more of Jenny Han's The Summer I Turned Pretty book trilogy to adapt, Belly's story is far from over.

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The first season is loyal to the books but there are several notable differences and Jenny Han is yet to reveal if the second season will stray from the source material. With that in mind, anything could happen in season 2. Now, Lola Tung (Belly), Christopher Briney (Conrad), Gavin Casalegno (Jeremiah) and Sean Kaufman (Steven) have revealed their wishes.

What happens in It's Not Summer Without You?

The Summer I Turned Pretty cast reveal what they want to happen in season 2
The Summer I Turned Pretty cast reveal what they want to happen in season 2. Picture: Prime Video, Peter Taylor /©Amazon / Courtesy Everett Collection / Alamy Stock Photo

Speaking to Collider about what she wants for Belly in season 2, Lola said: "She did a lot of growing up over this first season and she was figuring out so much, so I’m really excited to just explore all of that and where we left off, that feeling of a little bit more maturity maybe and having grown up a little bit and had experiences that change you, hopefully for the better."

Lola then continued: "She’s made mistakes because she’s a teenager and she’s human and it’s only natural, but I think she’s learned a lot from them, so I’m excited to keep exploring that aspect of her and her journey."

In the second book, It's Not Summer Without You, Belly and Conrad try to make things work but their relationship falls apart when Susannah dies. The book ends with Belly choosing to be with Jeremiah. However, given that Susannah has opted to get treatment for her cancer in the series, it's possible that she will live and Belly and Jeremiah won't get together.

Do Belly and Conrad end up together in The Summer I Turned Pretty book?
Do Belly and Conrad end up together in The Summer I Turned Pretty book? Picture: Peter Taylor /©Amazon / Courtesy Everett Collection / Alamy Stock Photo

As for what Christopher hopes will happen to Conrad in season 2, he told Seventeen: "If I had scripts, I would tell you so it's good they haven't given me any yet." He then explained: "What I'm really excited for is the world to sort of be shattered a little bit because it's almost a fairytale ending." Whether this means Susannah will die is currently unclear.

He added: "And as much as Conrad has changed, he [still] has a lot more to grow. He's still becoming a person, he hasn't even gone to college yet. You change a lot in those four years, so I'm just excited for the show to admit that there's a lot more story to tell. I like the book, so I hope it follows it a little bit."

Meanwhile, Gavin wants more Jeremiah and Conrad scenes. In the same interview, Gavin revealed: "I think it'll be fun just to kind of smooth out the edges and figure out more of who Jeremiah is and who he thinks he is - and more of what Conrad thinks he is and deepening those relationships."

He ended by saying: "Because I mean, season 1, [the two brothers] had such a good relationship. So season 2, it's just gonna be so much better and it'll be fun." Conrad and Jeremiah conflict? Over Belly perhaps? I'm listening.

Judging by Gavin's recent TikToks in which he claims Jeremiah would be a "better boyfriend" to Belly than Conrad, we assume he wants Bellemiah to officially happen in season 2.

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Finally, Sean Kaufman told Seventeen: "I think that there's some great things coming up for Steven. Now, he's going off to college and all of a sudden, with Susannah and everything, the summer fairytale that happened at Cousins is broken. It's shattered, it's gone." Not all this talk of the fairytale being "shattered". I'm scared.

He went on to say: "I really would love to see how that kind of break or shift of complete tones of the show affects Steven and Shayla's relationship going into season 2."

Whatever happens in season 2, it sounds like there is plenty of romance and heartbreak to come.

What do you want to happen in The Summer I Turn Pretty season 2?

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