The Umbrella Academy hid a very subtle easter egg in a bunch of episodes

27 February 2019, 20:11

By Katie Louise Smith

Did you notice that one woman who always manages to cross paths with the Hargreeves siblings?

Throughout the first season of Netflix's The Umbrella Academy, there's some pretty great easter eggs that both new fans and fans of the original comics will appreciate. In episode one, there's a subtle reference to the creator of this whole shabang, Gerard Way, who lends his words to the blurb of Vanya Hargreeves' autobiography. But while some of you may have clocked that straight away, there's another easter egg hidden in almost every episode that we guarantee you absolutely did not even notice.

Spotted by fans on Reddit, almost every single episode features one very specific character who somehow manages to cross the paths of the Hargreeves siblings in various disguises. She barely has any lines, but she's always there, involved in whatever japes and mishaps they've got themselves into. And now, her omnipresent self has sparked a few theories that could play a huge part in season 2.

But who is she?! And what does she want with the Hargreeves siblings?!

The Umbrella Academy easter eggs
The Umbrella Academy easter eggs. Picture: Netflix

The mysterious character in question? She's played by Heather Sanderson and Heather is listed in three episodes on IMDb but fans appear to have spotted her in even more.

She appears in episode one, where she can be seen running out of the bank. She's also in episode four, sitting opposite Klaus on the bus and she also approaches the siblings at the bowling alley in the season finale. It also looks like she was at the rave with Klaus in episode 7 too.

Is she one of The Commission's field agents?
Is she one of The Commission's field agents? Picture: Netflix

Of course, this could just be coincidental. She might just be an extra but here's the thing... she has some pretty stand out interactions with the siblings (usually Klaus) across the season and she also doesn't seem phased when Klaus disappears on the bus either. Could she... could she be a time traveller?!

Some fans seem to think that she's one of those field agents that The Handler mentioned - the ones who monitor time and send the reports back to The Commission for review.

Considering that all the Hargreeves siblings (except Vanya) managed to disappear from the current time dimension (?) at the end of season 1, those undercover field agents could come into play even more in season 2.

So, what do you think? A time traveller? A person who acts as an indicator for the present day timeline? Or is she just a random human who coincidentally keeps coming into contact with the Umbrella Academy? (Maybe she's a stan... who knows!) Guess we'll have to wait until season 2 to find out.