A guide to Lila's powers in The Umbrella Academy season 2

1 August 2020, 09:54

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What happened to Lila? What are her powers? And is she related to the siblings?

The Umbrella Academy season 2 introduces a whole bunch of new characters but the one that's got everyone talking is the mysterious Lila Pitts.

Lila, played by British actress Ritu Arya, was initially described as “adaptable with a wry sense of humor who can be as inventive or as mischievous as the situation requires.” But after only a few episodes, it's clear that she's set to play a much bigger role than we originally thought.

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By the end of season 2, Lila has established herself as a character that the Hargreeves siblings do not want to have as an enemy. But what happens to her? Who exactly is she and why is she so deadly?

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for The Umbrella Academy season 2

Umbrella Academy season 2: What happened to Lila? What are her powers?
Umbrella Academy season 2: What happened to Lila? What are her powers? Picture: Netflix

Who is Lila?

We first meet Lila as a fellow patient at the institute that Diego is being kept in. The two escape and later meet up with Five.

We then find out that Lila is not who she seems. She works for The Commission and, even spicier than that, is the daughter of The Handler (played by Kate Walsh).

But then, a few episodes later, we find out that Lila's parents were shot and killed by The Commission, and she was adopted by The Handler for a very particular reason... Lila was born on October 1st 1989, the same date at the Hargreeves siblings.

And guess what... she has powers!

What are Lila's powers?

As we find out during her fight scene with Five, and in the final episode showdown with the Hargreeves siblings, Lila has powers that are very similar to everyone else's.

Lila is able to mimic anyone else's power. No matter what it is, she's able to copy what they do and turn it back on to them, like a mirror.

We see her mirror Five's teleportation powers and Vanya's deadly sound blasts. She also harnesses enough strength to match Luther. We also see her flip Allison's rumour trick on to her, preventing her from breathing. We don't see her attempt to mimic Klaus, and we also don't know if she can summon Ben's tentacles from her own body. (RIP everyone if she can!)

She can't, however, use her powers on "normal" people because they have no powers to project. Together with, or against, the Hargreeves siblings, she can be deadly. But on her own, she might struggle... power wise.

What happened to Lila in The Umbrella Academy season 2?
What happened to Lila in The Umbrella Academy season 2? Picture: Netflix

What happens to Lila at the end of season 2?

In the final episode, we see Lila escape the battle at the farm with a suitcase but we don't know where she ends up.

It's not the end of Lila, though. Her existence also confirms that the rest of the babies born on the same day are out there somewhere, either struggling with their powers, using them in everyday life, or living without even realising they have them.