The Umbrella Academy's Robert Sheehan says he "prefers women's clothes"

11 August 2020, 17:30 | Updated: 24 June 2022, 17:36

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By Sophie Thompson

Robert Sheehan has spoken out about his LGBTQ+ fan base and why he "prefers women's clothes".

The Umbrella Academy is back, back, BACK AGAIN baby, and it's already wowing fans with the explosive third season. And once again, our favourite member of the family, Klaus Hargreeves (aka Robert Sheehan), has us falling in love with him even more.

Irish actor Robert is graced the cover of Attitude magazine back in August 2020, and has been actively speaking out about his LGBTQ+ fans and how his own lifestyle aligns with that of Klaus.

During his interview, he discussed how Klaus' wardrobe mimic his own tastes, and in particular, his love of women's jeans.

“I really prefer how ladies’ clothes look on me, to be honest. It’s the great secret of retail: guys, get out there and go to the ladies’ side of things," he said. "The cuts are much more European, if you will. And so that quite naturally seemed to match Klaus – low-cut jeans, cleavage, lots of skin, lots of nudity. Which, again, reflects my own tastes.”

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Robert Sheehan says he sees a lot of his own taste in Klaus.
Robert Sheehan says he sees a lot of his own taste in Klaus. Picture: Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images/Netflix

Very Klaus, right?

Well, he actually had to give up on his dreams of the perfectly fitted women's jeans after a while, adding, "One time, I had these lovely girl jeans, but they were skinny jeans as well. They were quite Lycra-y, which kind of saved them. But after a while I had to stop wearing them because I had ball pains, basically.” 

Transferring his own personality into his character, from the beginning of season one, we see Klaus liven up the apocalypse-pending world of the academy with his wild ways and overly-confident personality. Robert, who was previously in British TV show Misfits playing a similar character, attributes being able to play the role so well due to his likeness with the characters, and he's also well-known for his gender-bending looks on the red carpet.

Noting Klaus' holy trinity of dicks, drugs and debutantes, the 32-year-old says that his personal lineup would consist of “Dark chocolate, skipping and tutus" - but specifically only hot pink ones.

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In the show, Klaus falls for fellow soldier, Dave, when he time travels to the Vietnam War. The plot, particularly in season 2, sees the conjurer try to reunite with his love and prevent his ultimate death.

Although Robert identifies as straight, Klaus' journey to acceptance has resonated with many of the shows LGBTQ+ fans - and speaking with them about their experiences at conventions is one of his favourite things. “Certainly at the [comic] cons, you get a lot of younger people who identify in the LGBTQ bracket, he told Attitude.

"Lovely, young, queer people coming up and saying lovely, meaningful things. People who are at the formative part of their lives. That’s very nice.”

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