‘To All the Boys I've Loved Before’ Fans Are Heartbroken By What Peter K Does In The Sequel

28 August 2018, 16:40

By Sam Prance

This breaks our hearts...

To All the Boys I've Loved Before is a perfect film. Not only does it feature all of the tropes that make rom-coms so great (the fake relationship, love triangles, the boy next door), it also stars an amazing cast (Lana Condor, Noah Centineo and Israel Broussard are all talented af). However, before TATBILB became a movie, it was one in a trilogy of best-selling books by Jenny Han (TATBILB, P.S. I Still Love You and Always and Forever Lara Jean).

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One of the many reasons TATBILB is so popular is because the entire world has fallen in love with Peter Kavinsky. From the pocket spin to the popcorn move, he is literally the stuff of teenage dreams. He may come across as a bit of a jerk to start with but, as the film unfolds, it becomes clear that he is a sensitive sweetheart and one of the greatest on screen love interests of all time. We said what we said.

However, all good things must come to an end and if you read the TATBILB sequel P.S. I Still Love You, your heart will be broken. It turns out that Peter is not all that he seems. Stop reading now to avoid any serious emotional damage.


To All the Boys I've Loved Before
To All the Boys I've Loved Before. Picture: Netflix

As Peter and Lara Jean begin embarking on their relationship for real, things go a little bit awry. First things first, and perhaps worst of all, we learn that Peter wasn't waiting for Lara Jean in the hot tub on the ski trip. He was waiting for Genevieve. We were all rooting for you Peter! How dare you?! Seriously, that hot tub scene is one of the most romantic things we've ever seen and now it's ruined.

Not only that but Peter also keeps things secret from Lara Jean. Throughout the book, Peter leaves Lara Jean in the dark as to why he's still spending a lot of time with Gen. It turns out that Gen's dad had an affair with a younger woman and Gen didn't know who to confide in other than Peter. Peter helping Gen out is sweet but it doesn't excuse him lying to Lara Jean.

Here are just a few tweets about Peter's TATBILB sequel antics.

People are pressed about the hot tub scene.


Jenny Han, we need to have words.

The sequel has been out since 2015 and fans are still angry with Peter.


All men are trash.

A lot of readers even struggled to even finish the book.


All we want is for the perfect film version of Peter to live on in our hearts forever.

The sequel destroyed people's lives.


This is no exaggeration.

Oh and John Ambrose McClaren takes centre stage.


If you know, you know.

To be fair to Peter though, Lara Jean isn't perfect either.


Lara Jean ends up getting a little bit too close to John Ambrose.

The book ends with Lara Jean and Peter K working through their differences. They are, after all, two teenagers navigating their way through the rocky road of love and it's understandable that they come across a couple of hurdles.

Still, we're hurt. That hot tub scene is a lie. A LIE?!