'To All The Boys' Had To Cut Out A Spider-Man Scene And It Would Have Been PERFECT

29 August 2018, 18:44

Peter K and Lara Jean
Picture: Netflix/To All The Boys I've Loved Before/Screenshot
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

This would have been...ideal

It's probably a safe bet to assume most of us are familiar with Netflix's runaway summer hit To All The Boys I've Loved Before.

Netflix gave fans a movie that this author has now watched four (4) times with no regrets. There aren't many ways we would change the movie but hearing that Peter's Spider-Man costume actually made it to the original script and had to be cut is making us long for what truly could have been.

via Netflix

If you're a fan of Jenny Han's New York Times best selling series, you probably expected Spider-Man to make an appearance in To All The Boys I've Loved Before. In the original book, Lara Jean, Josh, and Peter K all attend a Halloween party and Peter comes as Spider-Man while Lara Jean comes as Cho Chang from Harry Potter and Josh comes as...Harry Potter.

The film's director Susan Johnson revealed to Entertainment Tonight that she was actually pretty bummed that the scene had to go.

"We had to cut the Halloween scene in prep. It was in the script originally," she explained. "We ran into issues with the Spider-Man costume. That scene is so beautiful in the book and so important to their relationship, so I was bummed to lose that."


Noah Centineo's Peter K is pretty spot on and we can imagine him nailing that scene, too. Johnson also mentioned that the she wishes fans had gotten to see more of Lara Jean baking in the film.

So it goes. Film productions often run into issues getting clearance for all sorts of things. None of that takes away from the incredible characters and the world the cast and crew were able to bring to the screen.

TATBILB book fans, what's one moment you would have absolutely LOVED to see on screen?