Everything You Need To Know About 17 Year Old Superstar Jacob Whitesides

9 June 2015, 15:02 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Jacob Whitesides
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

If you like Shawn Mendes...

Tennessee's own Jacob Whitesides is making quite a splash with the under 20s set. The fresh faced 17 year old has got that acoustic crooner thing down to a science and it looks like his career trajectory is headed upwards. Plus, it doesn't hurt that he looks like this. 


Jacob has just released his EP "A Piece of Me" which features lead track,"Not My Type At All".   

We seriously question his taste in pizza, but we'll let that slide.


At such a young age, Jacob has amassed an incredible social media following. He made it through the first round of Fox's The X Factor and went on tour with Fifth Harmony--all before the age of 20. Today he tweets about his bad taste in pizza to over a million followers and acts as CEO of Double U Records. 

His covers of Frank Ocean and Drake has us over here feeling all of the feels. 


It all started in the backwoods of Tennessee. I was playing in a band with my dad for a good solid year in terrible bars and patios where no one really cared.

Jacob Whitesides

Jacob eventually graduated from terrible bars to opening act for Fifth Harmony. Not bad for someone who hasn't even graduated school in real life. With such an impressive social media following, the singer will no doubt be putting out a full length LP soon enough. 

Jacob Whitesides

One of the more intriguing things about Jacob is his relationship with his fans. He's close to them. Like, really close to them.

They all do research months before the meet and greet looking at all the different poses they can do and they'll come up with such creative poses. They all want to look like couples. […] Fans are so cool. They're responsible for everything that's happening. Some people forget that.

Jacob Whitesides

That's commitment!

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