5 Reasons Why You Will Be Dancing To PC Music In 2015

26 November 2014, 11:38 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09


By Jacqueline Bowerman

"I want lemonade."

Not yet heard of PC Music? 

Well, best rustle up your gel pens and dig out your lava lamps because we're going to tell you about a thing.

In shortform, PC Music, alongside SOPHIE, is a London record label of sorts run by A.G Cook. The label - if you take a wander around its website - has pretty much taken the whole notion of "aesthetic" and completely run away with it, drawing largely from the Japanese concept of kawaiior cuteness.  

Basically, to know PC Music, you've just got to listen to it - there's only so many times you can hear its genre described as "Windows 95 startup chime" meets "8-bit" meets "surrealist unicorn-fresh funk" or whatever else anyone else labels it; you really just need to hit play.

Here's our breakdown so far.

1. PC Music is basically an entirely NEW genre.

2. The current rosta includes artists Hannah Diamond, Lipgloss Twins, Life Sim, Lil Data, Thy Slaughter, easyFun and Dreamtrak.

3.  The A.G Cook and SOPHIE produced artist QT has just been signed to XL Recordings, who were responsible for the rise of Vampire Weekend, the XX and Adele among others. 

4. The artist SOPHIE has already amassed a massive amount of YouTube views for track 'Lemonade'. It's a banger.


5.  And Hannah Diamond's track 'Every Night' is already proving to be a critic's favourite.

If you're thirsty for more, head over to PC Music's Soundcloud and give yourself a bubblegum-flavoured treat.

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