These Are Our Wildest Dreams: PopBuzz Staff Review

1 September 2015, 11:31 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Taylor Swift Wildest Dreams Yellow Dress

By Alim Kheraj

Here's exactly what we made of Tay-Tay's "Wildest Dreams" video.

While there was complete madness, pandemonium and Kanye dancing at this year's VMAs, one stunning moment that almost passed us by was the premiere of Taylor Swift's latest 1989 music video. 

To be honest, we weren't too sure about "Wildest Dreams" being a single; compared to the other tracks released so far it's pretty low-key. For us, it all hung on the video. It would either make-or-break the song. First, let's watch the video together, shall we?

We needed to work out whether this was, in fact, our wildest dream. So all the peeps at PopBuzz got together and here's what we all made of the "Wildest Dreams" video...

Nicky - 7/10

Despite my Taylor fatigue, “Wildest Dreams” is very pretty. It’s very much in keeping with Taylor’s carefully crafted starlet persona. It’s the red-lipped, tightly curled, 1950s aesthetic Taylor has gotten so good at. There are a lot of wistful glances and I’m not sure why Taylor needed to film this in Africa but I’m not bothered by it either way. It’s fun. 

Hollie - 7/10

I have three questions about this video... 1) What fake eyelashes is she wearing? Because they're awesome. 2) When is she going to bring that lion on stage, huh? 3) What's the point? It's a beautiful video but that's where it ends for me. 

Liam - 7/10

I take back what I've previously said about "Wildest Dreams" not making it as a single; the radio edit, accompanied by a visually stunning video, definitely has a chart-worthy place. 

Obviously the big comparison will be to Taylor's four other 1989 videos - This has more going on than "Style", and maybe even "Shake It Off"; but it will probably remain overshadowed by the star-studded hype of "Bad Blood" and the epic thoughtpiece generator that was "Blank Space". Not to mention the decision to premiere it at this weekend's VMAs was probably marred by all the other drama of the night. 

IMO, the video cast is a little bit too white for something that's apparently set mostly in Africa, and Tay's wig made her look alarmingly like Katy Perry from certain angles. But overall, it was an enjoyable four minutes of a early Hollywood whirlwind romance

Alim - 8/10

Something that seems to have been missing from the previous 1989 videos is that romantic narrative that made me fall in love with Taylor Swift videos; I was always enthralled by the stories in “Mine” and even “Love Story”. Luckily, “Wildest Dreams” has delivered a heavenly slice of romance that makes Taylor, well, Taylor. This matched with the gloriously shot 1950s styling and backdrop, and that scene with the yellow dress billowing, is what turns something could have been forgettable into four minutes of beauty. Not to mention it's kinda heartbreaking, too. 

Now excuse me while I fly to Africa, don a fabulous gown and stand in front of a wind machine.

What do you make of Tay's "Wildest Dreams" video? Let us know pls and thank you.