5 Reasons Why Lex Croucher Is Our First YouTuber Of The Week

26 February 2015, 09:57 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Lex Croucher
Liam Dryden

By Liam Dryden

We're kicking off a new weekly feature at PopBuzz with a familiar face.

At PopBuzz, it's no secret that we like YouTube. Specifically, we like the people that create content on the site every day. And there are thousands of great creators out there in the ever-expanding YouTube world that you may never have heard of. 

So we're kicking off a weekly feature every Thursday, where we highlight a YouTuber we like; whether they're new, up-and-coming, or have just been making some pretty great stuff recently. First on our list is a familiar face; our pal Lex Croucher ("tyrannosauruslexxx"). 

You may have seen her making some videos exclusively for PopBuzz recently, but here are just a few reasons why she and her channel rock.

1. She's a fierce lioness lady who knows how and when to "Gryffindor the f**k up".

A proud Gryffindor, Lex is fierce, takes no nonsense, and channels all of that directly into her content. She's also been known as a dead ringer for Cersei Lannister. So there's a running theme here with lions that we can totally get behind.

2. She's not afraid to use her platform for good.

Whether she's travelling to Syria with Save The Children, campaigning against animal cruelty, or raising awareness about sexual abuse and the meaning of consent, Lex is a staunch humanitarian who doesn't shy away from sharing her perspective with her audience, in the hope of influencing and educating.

3. She isn't afraid to listen and learn.

On a platform where so many people use their channels as a one-sided soapbox of opinions that refuse to be challenged, Lex's willingness to admit she doesn't have ALL the answers is a breath of fresh air. 

After the incident in New York where Eric Garner was killed by members of the NYPD, Lex passed her channel over to a group of guest POC contributors to share their perspective with her audience instead of just sharing her own - a gesture almost completely unheard of from any other content creator.

4. She's ALWAYS #Relatable.

YouTubers - they're just like us! They do that wacky thing you do! A lot of Lex's humour can be self-deprecating, but in a way that we all can relate to. And if you can't laugh at yourself...

5. She's got musical talent too!

Music isn't the focus of Lex's content these days; but on the rare occasion that she breaks out her singing voice, it's always a treat. She did a version of Hunger Games original song "The Hanging Tree" YEARS before we heard it from Jennifer Lawrence in Mockingjay. That's the kind of forward thinking we can get behind.

So there you have it. Five solid, well-researched reasons why Lex should be the next channel you add to your subscriptions. Do it now. And be sure to check her out on Twitter too for a much more regular, condensed form of that #relatable hilarity.

You go, Lex. Ten points to Gryffindor.


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