Got A Lot Of Questions On Feminism? This YouTuber Has Got You Covered

28 May 2015, 16:57 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Liam Dryden

By Liam Dryden

Marina Watanabe's "Feminist Fridays" series will cover all your queries, from basic street harassment to intersectionality.

To anyone willing to accept that it's not 1950 anymore, feminism has become a much more mainstream and widely-appealing concept (It also probably helps that so many influential figures like Emma Watson, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift are getting behind it, but hey). But those just getting into feminism for the first time might find that there are so many new and intimidating terms and ideologies to learn, like "intersectionality", "rape culture" and "privilege", that it just doesn't seem worth the effort.

Thankfully, as with everything these days, there's a YouTuber for that. Meet Marina "marinashutp" Watanabe.

You might have seen a gifset of Marina's face floating around Tumblr with thousands of notes at some point, but her campaign stretches far beyond that. A YouTube vlogger by trade, and moonlighting as a student of Human Sexuality and Women's Studies, Marina has recently been dedicating her platform to educating the masses on all the twists and turns of feminism, in a new video series aptly dubbed "Feminist Fridays".

Described as "A series where we explore the social, the political, and the media from a feminist and intersectional perspective...and use a lot of F words", Marina's series approaches every element of the feminist sphere, breaking them down in 5-minute chunks with plenty of sources, examples, and a healthy dose of deadpan sass.

As you can imagine, while many are finding her series illuminating, Marina's videos also attract the attention of a lot of misogynistic trolls. Like, seriously, a LOT; look at the comments of any Feminist Fridays video and you will see an alarming number of guys trying to "put her in her place". But rather than be dissuaded from her crusade, Marina is using the abuse thrown at her as fuel to further her argument, spawning the hashtag #YouTubeMisogyny to encourage other women to share their own experiences of online sexism.

Her support for the safety of other women online also inspired the blog Everyday Harassment, a platform where people can (anonymously or not) share their experiences of sexual harassment in a safe venting space.

Not only does Marina focus on feminism, but her channel also deals with issues and stigma surrounding mental health, race, as well as the odd hilarious personal vlog. All in all, she's a valuable addition to your Subscriptions.

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