3 Ways That Niki & Sammy Have Cracked YouTube's Secret Formula

26 March 2015, 15:32 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Niki n Sammy
Liam Dryden

By Liam Dryden

Our YouTuber of the Week comes in a 2-pack.

We've talked a lot this week about getting started with a YouTube channel, and some of the pitfalls and hardships that a fledgling channel is likely to face. So why not round the week off with a success story?

Our YouTuber - sorry, YouTubers of the Week are identical twins Niki and Sammy Albon, aka NikiNSammy

In the past year alone, these guys have worked tirelessly on their videos, resulting in a skyrocketing increase from 8,000 to almost 120,000 subscribers on their channel.

Thousands of people would kill for that kind of progress; so what is it that Niki and Sammy are doing differently to others, that is causing such a massive increase? We've boiled it down to three lessons you can learn from them:


1. They dedicate a LOT of time to their channel.

One of the perks of being a full-time YouTuber is that you have time to make videos, like, all the time. And while so few YouTubers actually do spend every waking minute on their content, it seems as though the Albon twins always have their finger on the vlogging trigger. 

Not only do they somehow manage regular videos every few days (while other YouTubers might just have a weekly schedule), but they are always on hand to make reaction videos as quickly as possible, too. When it was announced yesterday that Zayn was leaving 1D, we had barely shed our first tear before NikiNSammy's reaction to the news was online.

Not everybody has the same amount of free time to spend on their videos, so the twins are lucky in that aspect. But it still takes a some expert-level expert time-management, and a willingness to make any video that springs to mind. 

Which leads to:


2. They aren't afraid to do the "trendy" stuff.

Challenge videos, tag videos, room tours and morning routines. These are just some of the typical YouTuber tropes that you either love or hate, but never fail to pull in the views.  

If there's a challenge video to be made, you can bet the twins have made it; and while other YouTubers might shy away from making similar content to everybody else, Niki and Sammy have made challenges and tags a core part of their brand, and their audience love it.


3. There's two of them.

Dan & Phil. Jack & Finn. John & Hank. Tyler & Troye. Hannah, Mamrie & Grace. Need we go on? Some of YouTube's most successful channels got to where they are by having pals; either a friend/sibling to share their channel with, or a fellow YouTuber to regularly collab with.

Niki and Sammy have the advantage in that they're very similar, and not just in their genetics. Their identical double-act results in a great chemistry that often seems like one guy arguing or bantering with himself; and when you have someone to riff off on your channel it's a lot more entertaining to watch. Not to mention that your creative juices flow a lot more freely.


Yup, it seems as though NikiNSammy have got the secret sauce to YouTube success. We're sure they're going to go even further in 2015, and if you want to watch more of their stuff, either for entertainment or reference for your own channel, You can subscribe to them here.


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