10 Zoella Gifs That Sum Up The Struggle Of Having Troublesome Skin

11 September 2015, 10:40 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Zoella with spots

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

The struggle is real. And it's probably on your face right now.

Let's be real, there are two types of people in the world: those with good skin and those with bad skin. Those with good skin live in a world where the odd spot or two is NBD and they're free as a bird to try out as many new products as their bank balance will allow them to. 

Then there's those of us with bad skin who still bear the physical and emotional scars of having acne, and wonder why the f*ck we wake up every single morning with a brand new friend on our face.

From redness to rashes, blemishes to boils, having bad skin can seriously knock confidence, and stress only makes it worse. We understand the struggle and so does Zoella.

When you get a breakout in the most unexpected area.

Tiny pimples on the tip of your nose? Sure. A huge single cluster of backne? Thanks, body.


When you get an under-the-skin spot that really, really hurts.

Just turn into a vicious whitehead, already!


When you squeeze your spot and feel such a surge of pleasure at seeing all the puss.

Why does something so wrong feel so right?


When you do whatever it takes to make sure your spot isn't on show in your selfie.

You've got a good side and you know it.


When your evening skincare routine involves slathering on the Sudocream.

That stuff is magic.


When you have the highest hopes about trying a new product, only for it to break you out even more.

Don't believe the hype, people.

When your make-up routine takes about 34 hours every day.

You know it'll block your pores, but you seriously can't face the world without concealer.


When your friend tells you how healthy eating and exercise sorted out her skin.

Seriously, it's not worth it.


But sometimes you know the old theories really do work.

Your mum was right.


Finally, when you have an actual good skin day, and you feel like you can take on the world.

People don't realise how lucky they are...


Seriously, though, you look awesome. Never forget these wise words.



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