Zoella Reveals The Title And Cover Of Her New Book

30 July 2015, 18:41 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Zoella with her second book

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

And it's a really big deal for several reasons.

Back in May we discussed whether YouTubers are writing books they really believe in and there's been an even bigger influx of lifestyle guides and autobiographies from our favourite vloggers since then. Of course, the most controversial of all YouTuber books is Zoe Sugg's Girl Online, having come under extreme fire from fans and press around the fact she used a ghostwriter despite claiming it was all her own work. Zoe has since moved on and everyone has calmed down a bit but we're expecting a few issues to resurface now she's announced both the title and the cover of her follow up novel.

Girl Online On Tour will be released on 20th October and Zoe has been more open about letting fans see what goes on behind the scenes having featured her editor in a series of vlogs. But apart from the excitement of the unveiling, there's three reasons why this news is a huge deal...

It brings us a step closer to a more transparent YouTube

OK, so this isn't going to happen just by getting a few shots of a literary editor in a video but is happening after a hell of a lot of people realised YouTubers don't do everything themselves. Girl Online created such a drama partly because a lot of fans didn't realise the multi-million pound deals that go on and that Zoella didn't actually wake up one morning and make a decision to write a book. Girl Online On Tour will no doubt garner press around the ghostwriting element before, during and after its release and we know that this time the entire thing will be handled a lot differently.

It cements Zoe an actual grown up businesswoman

Most of us will have realised that Zoe Sugg knows the extent of her power but there are still those out there who see her as a one dimension Internet best friend and that's where it starts and stops. Girl Online On Tour takes a step further in securing Zoe's future when her YouTube career inevitably comes to an end. Following in the footsteps of some of celebrity world's most popular reality stars, Zoe and her management know that book deals and the like are an endless stream of revenue. A second book will no doubt lead to a third, forth and perhaps even an equestrian range a la Katie Price... The sky is the limit.

It's the difficult second album, so to speak

Whilst the sky is seemingly the limit for Zoe and her management, there's no guarantee that Girl Online On Tour will be anywhere near as popular as Girl Online. Like the "difficult second album" for so many artists, Zoe has a lot to live up to. Girl Online was a number one bestseller and continues to fly high in the charts thanks to a boost from the summer holidays. Just like with Fifty Shades Of Grey, people snapped up the book just to find out who on earth the author was and whether the book lived up to the hype. With the whole world and their goldfish now having an opinion on Zoella, only time will tell if the PR machine works and Girl Online On Tour takes over the world.