Bhad Bhabie says she's made enough money on OnlyFans to retire at 18

23 August 2021, 16:45

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Bhad Bhabie broke an OnlyFans record making over $1 million within her first six hours on the platform.

Bhad Bhabie has made so much money from OnlyFans she can retire aged 18.

The 'Bestie' rapper, born Danielle Bregoli, launched her account on the platform just one week after her 18th birthday in March. Shortly after signing up, Bhad Bhabie – who does not share nude content – broke an OnlyFans record, earning over $1 million within her first six hours.

It hasn't stopped there, though. Bhad Bhabie has continued to pull in some serious cash from OnlyFans. In fact, she is now considering paying cash for fully furnished home in Boca Raton, Florida. The $4 million abode has enough space for her two dogs, three of her luxury vehicles – a Bentley, Jeep and BMW – and a "walk-in closet big enough to put a bed in".

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Bhad Bhabie says she's made enough money on OnlyFans to retire at 18
Bhad Bhabie says she's made enough money on OnlyFans to retire at 18. Picture: Alamy, @bhadbhabie via Instagram

"When I turned 18, I started making so much money when I started doing OnlyFans," she told Today. "And when I say making money, I mean, I could retire right now if I wanted to."
Bhad Bhabie's riches haven't just been acquired through OnlyFans. She's also raked in the dollars (2 million of them, to be exact) from brand endorsements and deals from clothing brands like Fashion Nova.

As you know, Bhad Bhabie found fame thanks to her viral appearance on Dr. Phil when she was only 13 years old. Although she's grown up and attempted to distance herself from her "Cash me outside" personal, she believes people still see her as that same rebellious young girl, and everyone thinks she's going to blow her wealth. However, her business manager believes she's going to "do great".

She continued: "I never wanted to be famous. I wasn’t working my ass off all night trying to make a name for myself. I was handed it. And instead of being an embarrassment and a joke for the rest of my life, I became something successful and something that people can choose to look up to for the right reasons – or choose not to. I don’t give a fuck."

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