John Cena takes an '80s diva quiz | PopBuzz Meets

8 January 2019, 16:49

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Since John Cena's new film Bumblebee is set in the 80s, it would truly have been rude if we DIDN'T ask him to find out which 80s diva speaks to his soul.

As well as being a WWE superstar wrestler and Hollywood actor, John Cena is known for being a Nice Guy. Possibly the nicest guy in the world. We have met him three times and can vouch for this. Whether he's giving the PB team presents at Christmas, or allowing us to discuss his butt cheeks in great detail with Leslie Mann, John is always a pleasure to be around and a good sport. What. a. guy.

John is currently starring in Bumblebee, which follows the plight of a small, yellow Transformer called Bumblebee who has has been taking refuge in a junkyard in California. The film is set in 1987 and has an incredible 80s soundtrack, so we were curious to find out whether John a) was a big fan of 80s music and b) to discover which 80s diva John is secretly most like. Why? Because content, that's why.

Cher and John Cena - 80s Divas
Cher and John Cena - 80s Divas. Picture: PopBuzz / Getty

While John displays no diva-ish qualities IRL, he threw himself into the quiz with a fierceness and confidence that would have made the icons of that era proud. Watch the full video above.

Want to discover your own inner '80s diva? Then hit play on the quiz below.

Bumblebee is out in all cinemas now.