TikTok 3 minute videos are here - here's how to get them

2 July 2021, 10:20

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By Katie Louise Smith

The 3 minute video feature was tested by a small group of users back in December 2020 and now they're starting to appear on TikTok's FYP.

3 minute videos on TikTok? Yep, they really do exist! TikTok users have noticed that videos over 60 seconds are starting to pop up on their For You Pages recently – and now the feature is available for everyone.

Back in December 2020, social media consultant Matt Navarra shared that an option for 3 minute long TikTok videos was reportedly in the works. According to a screenshot that was shared on Twitter, the notification from TikTok reads: "You have early access to uploading videos up to 3 minutes long on the TikTok app and desktop! To try it out, make sure your app is up-to-date and try uploading a video from your device to the app or tiktok.com."

Here's what you need to know about 3 minute TikTok videos, and how to upload them.

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How to get the 3 minute option on TikTok
How to get the 3 minute option on TikTok. Picture: Omar Marques/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

How to make a 3 minute video on TikTok

There's two ways in which you can film or upload a 3 minute video (or a video over 60 seconds) on TikTok.

First of all, you'll need to have access to the 3 minute video feature. Thankfully, this is now available to all TikTok users so make sure your app is up to date and you should be all set.

You can either film and edit the video outside of the TikTok app, and then load it up to your profile.

Or, you can film a 3 minute video directly in the app, by going to TikTok's camera function. Once you're on the camera screen, you'll be able to select either '15s', '60s' or '3m' from a swipe across menu just above the big red record button.

Swipe along to the 3 minute option and the camera will let you record up to 3 minutes of footage within the app itself.

How to film 3 minute videos on TikTok
How to film 3 minute videos on TikTok. Picture: TikTok

While the 3 minute video limit is appealing and beneficial to some creators, others are concerned that it will take over the FYP and ruin the user experience.

No more splitting story time videos into 3 parts? All zodiac signs in one video? 3 minute long compilations of Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie being chaotic? Sounds amazing, tbh.