Drag Race’s Mayhem Miller has been turned into the “crazy eyes” meme and it’s so accurate

13 November 2018, 16:18

By Katie Louise Smith

Twitter has turned this old video of Drag Race star Mayhem Miller into a new meme called the #MayhemChallenge and it's the most hilarious thing you'll ever see.

An old video of drag queen Mayhem Miller has gone viral on Twitter and it's been turned into one of the most iconic memes of 2018.

The "crazy eyes" meme that features Mayhem, who starred on RuPaul's Drag Race season 10 and was eliminated far too soon, is actually a clip from a 2011 club performance that has since resurfaced thanks to Gay Twitter. If you want, you can watch the full ~eyeography~ performance here.

She may not have won Drag Race, but Ms Miller definitely done did snatched the crown from Miss Vanjie as Drag's new Queen of memes. Here are some of the best tweets and memes from #TheMayhemChallenge:

Mayhem Miller's 2011 drag performance has been turned into a meme
Mayhem Miller's 2011 drag performance has been turned into a meme. Picture: Myles Matisse/SHOWGIRLSWEHO via YouTube

No, seriously... This is actual footage of me trying to navigate my house with no lights on.

If you could gaze into the fuUuUUUuutuUUureEeEe...

Don't lie, we've all done it...

Rule 1 of working in retail: don't look the card machine directly in the eye.

Me after approximately one picture taken with the flash on.

Did someone say... JESSICA LANGE?

"He's behind you - but DON'T be obvious about it..."

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to secure that bag.


Every 👏 single 👏 time.

Y'all want it in emoji form? HAVE IT.

Mayhem clocked the meme on Twitter a few days ago and has now RT'd a ton to her personal account. “I started getting tagged, but I didn’t realize how big it was until my nephew called and said he saw a meme of me that had over a million views. Then people started making different versions and I’ve been on the floor ever since,” Miller tells Billboard.

Now everybody say, "Thank you, Mayhem!"