16 memes about Love Island's Toby and Kaz argument that will make you scream

21 July 2021, 11:53 | Updated: 21 July 2021, 14:28

Love Island's Toby confronts Kaz over the Snog, Marry, Pie Challenge

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

What happened on Love Island last night? All the memes about Toby and Kaz's argument.

Love Island's Toby Aromolaran and Kaz Kamwi clashed on Tuesday night's (July 20) episode and now it's a hilarious meme.

It all started when Toby decided to confront Kaz about her shoving a pie in his face during the Snog, Marry, Pie Challenge. Kaz explained that it was all in good fun, but then she brought up the situation with Chloe Burrows – and it all kicked off.

In case you didn't know, Toby left Kaz for Chloe and lied about having kissed her. "You did lie to me...in bed when I said, 'Anything extra to say?' You were like: 'No, no,' and then the next day you were like, 'Oh yeah we kissed on the terrace.' That was a lie," Kaz said.

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All the memes about Toby and Kaz.
All the memes about Toby and Kaz. Picture: ITV

She added: "It was a lie. It's not a drama. Obviously the thing is at the end of the day you were disrespectful, a little bit."

Toby then delivered the ultimate blow, and said: "If I could go back, I don't think I have any regrets. I don't think I have any regrets because I told you how it was from the jump." I-

As you can imagine it got extremely heated. Toby and Kaz went back and forth arguing with each other before Kaz walked off to compose herself.

Later, after speaking to the boys and some of girls about the situation, Toby finally admitted that he was actually in the wrong. He then spent the entire episode trying to pull Kaz for a chat and apologise. At one point, he went over to her on the day bed and Kaz rejected him (delicious). It was there that a meme was born.

Here's all the hilarious memes and reactions about Love Island's Toby and Kaz.

Urgh. Kaz deserves the world.

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