Hereditary actress Milly Shapiro is now an e-girl on TikTok

12 March 2020, 14:46 | Updated: 3 November 2020, 11:13

By Sophie Thompson

Milly Shapiro, most commonly known for her role in horror film Hereditary, has shocked the internet with her two-year transformation, and has turned her talents towards becoming a TikTok influencer.

Remember Charlie from 2018's spookiest horror film, Hereditary? We've just discovered that the actress who plays her, Milly Shapiro, is on TikTok and despite her shy, eery character, in real life she's actually the ultimate e-girl.

An e-girl, also known as the modern day emo, is a Gen-Z version of the traditional punky stereotype, and can usually be found on TikTok and Tumblr donning pink eyeshadow and some version of Urban Outfitters stripy t shirt.

With her new rainbow dip-dyed hair and the signature winged liner of any favourable e-girl, Milly now age 17, is very different from the person we saw two years ago, and her account is dedicated to lip syncs and her love of Kermit the frog.

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Milly is now 17 years old, and spooked us all out as Charlie in Hereditary back in 2018.
Milly is now 17 years old, and spooked us all out as Charlie in Hereditary back in 2018. Picture: Steve Zak Photography/WireImage/MillyShaparoni via TikTok

In Hereditary, Milly's character Charlie was a troubled pre-teen girl dealing with the haunting of her dead grandmother and her inability to bond with her own mother amid her own strange characteristics (because not everyone's daughter cuts off a pigeon's head to turn it into a toy, right?)

But as Milly hasn't been in any other movies since (despite the fact she won a Tony award age 10 after she was cast as Matilda on broadway), people are struggling to believe that she's such an out-going, quirky teenager - and we can't get enough of her.

One fan joked: "omg she got her head back! so happy for her" while another tweeted, "Maybe I’m biased because she’s my age and I crush easily on cute girls but I personally adore this transformation."

Fans of the movie have also cried out for her to make a return to the horror film scene, and since the videos were posted on social media, she's gained over 10,000 followers on TikTok, where she goes by the name @millyshaparoni.

If you already follow her on Instagram you'll be very familiar with her new cutesy-emo style, but she hasn't yet addressed her sudden burst in popularity.

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