The "what is Joe Biden's plan" meme is asking the tough questions

26 November 2020, 20:52 | Updated: 26 November 2020, 20:56

Joe Biden blasts ’embarrassing’ Donald Trump and says nothing will stop him taking over

By Katie Louise Smith

"What is Joe Biden’s plan to fix my lower back pain?"

President-elect Joe Biden is no stranger to being turned into a meme and now there's another one going viral on Twitter.

Of course, Biden has a lot of real, serious and important issues to sort out when he takes office (including a pandemic) but Twitter users have been posing some questions to former Vice President about some very trivial, yet pressing topics.

The issues on the table? The long-awaited One Direction reunion. The return of musical artiste Rihanna. Our collective will to live. Universal lower back pain. Riverdale. And the McDonald's menu, to name a few.

Here are some of the funniest tweets asking about Joe Biden's plans on these subjects.

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"What is Joe Biden&squot;s plan?" meme is going viral on Twitter
"What is Joe Biden's plan?" meme is going viral on Twitter. Picture: Joe Raedle/Getty Images, Yahoo via YouTube

I would like an answer ASAP.

Let's have that conversation.

I am begging you!

Biden has his work cut out for him.

The odds aren't looking good.

All we can do is hope.

We're listening.

Would love to hear Joe's thoughts on this.


I'm more interested in Joe Biden's plan to make sure everyone gets to experience the triumphs and defeats, and the epic highs and lows of high school football.

It's time to let go of 'High Hopes' now.

A matter of international urgency.


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