Alissa Violet accused of "scamming" fans after Louis Vuitton giveaway confusion

11 October 2019, 13:31

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Alissa Violet advertised a Louis Vuitton giveaway back in late August. According to reporting from BuzzFeed News, winners of the competition never received their promised handbags. Cheek, the company who Alissa partnered with for the competition, strongly deny that the giveaway was a scam.

Internet personality Alissa Violet has come under scrutiny this week after fans labelled one of her recent giveaway collabs a "scam".

According to BuzzFeed News, an advertised partnership with a now-defunct brand called Cheek promised fans they could win "free Louis Vuitton bags" if they followed the account and tagged two of their friends in the post.

Winners were later announced but those chosen for the prize told BuzzFeed that they have since struggled to get clear information about their promised Louis Vuitton bags.

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Alissa, who has 8.8 million Instagram followers, first announced the competition under a photo of herself surrounded by Louis Vuitton shopping bags. The original caption has now been deleted, though it initially read "wait omg we're giving away free Louis Vuitton bags to a few of my followers."

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The caption then instructed fans to follow the Cheek Instagram page, follow the account's followers, and then return to tag two friends under the post.

The caption now simply reads "long day" with no giveaway instructions.

The winners were eventually announced in an Instagram Story posted by @cheekwins, which is still up on the @cheekwins Instagram highlights.

The winners all told BuzzFeed News that they had not received their prizes and were finding it difficult to get information from Alissa and the Cheek brand.

DMs obtained by the publication show a prize winner named Vanessa trying to get in contact with both Alissa and Cheek in early September. In the DMs, Vanessa asks the brand what type of bag she will be receiving and messages Alissa multiple times to ask whether the competition winner announcement from @cheekwins was legit.

After telling Vanessa the bag would be shipped on Wednesday, September 4, the brand has now told BuzzFeed that the prize winner will receive her bag this week.

Alissa Violet's Instagram comments have been flooded with people reacting to the messy situation.

Alissa Violet comments
Alissa Violet comments. Picture: Alissa Violet Instagram

In a statement provided to BuzzFeed, Cheek said: "The giveaway with Alissa Violet was definitely not [a] scam and ruse”.

Alissa has not yet commented on the situation.

H/T: BuzzFeed News