Charli D’Amelio reveals why she got surgery on her nose

20 July 2020, 11:52

By Sophie Thompson

What surgery did Charli D'Amelio get? The TikTok star has finally opened up about her broken nose and breathing issues that forced her to get an operation.

TikTok icon Charli D'Amelio has had quite the year, and she's shocked fans once again, as she revealed a bloody and battered post-surgery face in a video over the weekend.

With her nose wrapped in bandages since, viewers have been quick to guess just what might have happened, including theories of a broken nose and a nose job - but the 16-year-old has put those rumours to bed by revealing the real reason she had a trip to the hospital.

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Why did Charli D'Amelio have surgery?

Charli broke her nose back in August 2019 and has struggled with breathing issues ever since.
Charli broke her nose back in August 2019 and has struggled with breathing issues ever since. Picture: Charli D'Amelio via Instagram/TikTok

As it turns out, the surgery was actually to fix an issue she was having as a result of a broken nose from August 2019. She's been struggling with breathing issues ever since, and this would hopefully be the solution, as well as having her nose reshaped following the breakage.

Charli, who recently got caught up in cheating drama with ex-boyfriend Chase Hudson, revealed the aftermath of the operation on TikTok, when she posted a video from the hospital, of course, in her usual fun and kooky style.

In the video, she lip syncs to a song by Sunrise, as she transitions from being at home, to getting dressed into her hospital gown, before ending with her post-surgery look.

Back in April, she originally Tweeted about how she could "barely breathe" out of her nose at all, following a cancelled operation in November last year, a problem that has only got worse for her, and been left untreatable due to the current coronavirus situation.

Then, on July 15, she went on Instagram Live to discuss her nose and how she was getting it "fixed" the following day.

She says: “I’m also really excited because after I get my nose fixed tomorrow I will really be able to smell again, because I can’t smell.”

She continues to tell fans what life has been like, saying: “I can taste things slightly but whenever I go to smell a flower or something, or anything like that, I just can’t. And I feel like I’m missing out.”

With the D'Amelio family beginning filming for their own reality series very soon, it's probably for the best that she can breathe normally again.

Speedy recovery, Charli!

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