Jeffree Star's new $14.6 million mansion has a gym with two floors

12 December 2019, 16:58


By PopBuzz

Jeffree and boyfriend Nathan are moving house - and leaving the bulletproof pink vault behind.

A few weeks ago, Jeffree Star announced that he and boyfriend Nathan Schwandt were set to move out of their 7,100 square-foot Calabasas mansion. The move will see Jeffree leave behind his pink bulletproof vault, just six months after it was built.

Announcing the move on Twitter, Jeffree wrote: "Next week Nathan and I are putting up our house for sale! We are ready for a big change... 2020 let’s fucking do this. We found the perfect new house only a few miles away but it’s more private, has everything we need and room to grow for our family. Praying everything goes perfect!"

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According to reports, Jeffree has purchased a new house in Hidden Hills, which is not too far away from Calabasas. The $14.6 million 20,000 square-foot mansion has eight bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, two guest houses, a screening room and a two-floor gym.

The new mansion also has a huge games room, which will be more than enough space to house all of Jeffree's arcade machines. It also has a wine cellar, a waiting room for the wine cellar, a spa, a huge entrance foyer with a double staircase, a swimming pool, several outdoor seating areas, a barbecue area and a damn lift (sorry, elevator) to take you up and down the 3 floors.

OK, Jeffree!!

Jeffree Star's new house boasts a two-floor gym and a screening room with bar
Jeffree Star's new house boasts a two-floor gym and a screening room with bar. Picture: Zillow/Crisnet

In a video, Jeffree explained the reason behind the move and gave his response to everyone freaking out about his vault: "Memories are amazing because you can take them anywhere and I'm just so ready for something new – a closet is a closet. I'm ready to have new energy, so many amazing things and so many treacherous things have happened here and, um, we're ready bitch. We've been ready for months."

We're sure, when they're all moved in, Jeffree will show us around his and Nathan's new home in a house tour video. Can't wait to see what I will never be able to afford tbh x