Jeffree Star says he received death threats over his Peppermint Frost palette

9 December 2019, 15:10 | Updated: 10 December 2019, 10:58

By Sam Prance

Customers were mad that Jeffree Star asked if he should resell the "exclusive" item from his mystery boxes.

Jeffree Star has claimed that fans told him to "kill [him]self" after he suggested selling his Peppermint Frost palette again.

Yesterday (Dec 8), Jeffree Star took to Twitter to call out people for reselling his Peppermint Frost highlighter palette on eBay. He tweeted: "I’m seeing so many people reselling the Mystery Box exclusive #peppermintfrost palette" alongside a shocked emoji. The 34-year-old also posted a screenshot showing that people are reselling the pallette for hundreds of dollars.

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Jeffree then wrote: "Should I make more and sell them by itself? You all know now that makeup takes a few months to make so I wouldn’t have it until end of March. But I’ll do it if you guys want me to!" Moments later, Jeffree received backlash from fans who'd already bought the product as an exclusive. Jeffree even received death threats after posting the tweet.

Jeffree Star says he received death threats over Peppermint Frost palette
Jeffree Star says he received death threats over Peppermint Frost palette. Picture: @jeffreestar via Instagram

One fan tweeted Jeffree by writing: "I mean it was marketed as an exclusive and a reason to buy the box. If you sell more its no longer an exclusive". Jeffree then replied: "That’s why I’m asking everyone’s opinions, not everyone will ever agree but I love to hear what you guys have to say! This is a unique situation and with the website having bad checkout issues, I am starting a conversation".

Disappointed to hear that Jeffree might not be selling any more of the highlighter palettes, a fan then wrote: "A lot of people were THE FIRST in the world to get the exclusive highlighters. Imho, should be enough for their ego. Nothing will stop ppl who want to have this beautiful highlighter in their collection, BUT I'd rather give my hard-earned money to JSC."

Jeffree then opened up about the death threats. He tweeted: "I hear you… But in two minutes people are telling me to kill myself if I make it again because it should stay exclusive… Going to go back to focusing on my family, I shouldn’t have asked. Peppermint Frost will never b made again. So sorry to upset the people that bought it."

Ending the argument, Jeffree added: "What we are NOT going to do today, is argue over makeup... I’m a man of my word and was simply asking a question to everyone. I LOVE and pride myself on how amazing my Mystery Boxes are. Guess since everyone couldn’t get them for XMAS I’ll have to do it again for Valentines.. BRB".

What do you think? Should Jeffree be able to resell an "exclusive" item?